Wednesday, 10 December 2008

I know they're watching.....they're watching.

Really, does the "Here comes the girls" song HAVE to be played so constantly? It's on WHENEVER there's even a single female on telly. The female will walk into shot and it's "Here comes the girls (girls) girls (girls girls!)".... GOD. There are other songs you know, to accompany women. Why can't they revert back to the usual "Sisters are doing it for themselves" (Please don't.)

Anyway, I'm feeling exceptionally jolly this week. I've just downloaded some christmas classics to play on my radio show on Sunday (you better listen!) and I'm finding that listening to them on my IPOD whilst battling through the hurly burly of London is making me more forgiving. Like for example, say I get barged whilst boarding the cattle infested tube, usually I would be all angry and want to smash their faces in. But with "Stop the cavalry" playing in my ear somehow, all I can do is smile. You try it! Also another goody is "Christmas Wrapping" by the Waitresses.

My sister and I were reminiscing the other day about a particularly good christmas about 4.5 years ago when Ma, Pa, me and her had lots of laughter through out the day. Like when my mum served up the veg and a parsnip was standing upright and I hilariously commented that it looked like an exceptionally small dick. How we laughed. Then we did squirting squirty cream directly into our mouths and have photographic evidence to prove this. Happy days.

I had a dream last night that I was in love and loved by a friend of mine called James. When I awoke I sent him a text saying I'd dreamt of him. He wanted to know what it was about ( suspect in case it was a rudey one) and imagine his surprise when I told him that we had loved each other dearly, I also declared that I still did love him but that it would probably wear off by around 4pm. (It has actually nearly worn off now - oh well)

On the train today and yesterday I noticed an excessive amount of men picking their noses. Infact there was this handsome man who sat next to me and I kept sneaking him admiring glances until he started to do some serious gouging up his nose. It so didn't go with the song I was listening to at the time on my IPOD (Tiny Dancer - Elton John).

Facebook's confusing me. I keep getting updates on there like "Steve Cox just answered the question "Do you think Leanne Diggins does a mean booty shake?" What the fuck? Why has this question even arisen? (The answer is of course YES) If you know what this all means please comment.

I'm meeting my good pal Evie tonight for a Christmas drink, although I'm trying to lose weight (stupid time to do this I know) as I'm going to a wedding on 4th January. I've been asked to do a Reading at the wedding so I need to look great. I bought a dress from Monsoon yesterday (and "Shrug" BLEEEE I HATE THAT WORD!!) and its a bit snug (the dress) but there was no way I was opting for the size above - just couldn't do it. I thought it was loverly to be asked to do the Reading though, hope I'm not all blubbing.

Anyway - last thing, listen into my radio show this sunday 10am - 12pm on SW1 Radio. and click listen now, or tune in on 87.7 FM if you are in the surrounding areas of SW1. K BYE!


Random_bits said...

I know what you mean about the Facebook thing! I had one the other day 'What did Louise Butler answer to the question 'Does Kerry Keys have a dirty mind?'. Really freaked me out as I wondered where this question was and how many people had been asked it! (The answer is 'Yes' but I don't want everyone to know) That's all I have to tell you though so not much help. Soz x

Christina Martin said...

I finally signed up to blogger!
Couldn't agree more re here come the girls by the way.