Wednesday, 24 December 2008

In a better time, you could be my friend.

So its Christmas Eve and I don't feel in the slightest bit Christmassy. Could it be because I'm in work and no one else is? Well, there are some people in but most have finished now. All the home county types have gone back to mummy and daddy leaving a lone few here in Londinium. I spose one of the reasons I'm feeling a little gloomy is because my mum's in Hospital having just had a major op on her arm (which it turned out was broken in three places) and she might be in over Christmas day. So although I knew I'd be making Christmas Dinner for my mum and dad, now it looks like its just me and my dad and obviously a good couple of visits to the hospital and my Nannie. Oh well. I'm sure all will be well in the end.

One thing that is rather jolly is the new Muppet Film that's on telly right now - its "Its a wonderful Life" and Kermit has wished he'd never been born to the detriment of all his muppety pals. It's good it is. I wonder how they keep Kermit's voice the same? What a great film!

Friday night we had some Christmas Drinks over at the newly refurbished (after the fire) Hawley Arms, HOME OF THE EMO. I really do not like this pub anymore, (sorry Doug) but its just way too pretentious.

Back to the Christmas drinks. I have this really innovative new thing. Its Deely Boppers with MISTLETOE ATTACHED. This forces men to kiss me. They basically HAVE to. Why didn't I think of this sooner? What a great night that was.

ERGH! BLEEE! What is this crap on telly now? Could it be High School Musical? There are loads of teenagers doing SINGING. GROSSSSS!!! Reminds me of this really weird thing I used to watch as a kid called "Swans Crossing" weird. OH YUCK MAKE IT STOP.

Right here are my plans over christmas. Early doors here today at MTV around 2pm so we're all heading over to Pat's pub in Mornington Crescent for some festive cheer. I really really need to pace myself cause after Camden, I've drinks in my old local in Orpington with the gang and every year for the past four, I've been battered by 8pm and my dad's had to come and get me. I hope to last until at least 10pm tonight.

I'm actually looking forward to January quite a bit for this year's been a bit shit if I'm honest, well, the period from around September 07 - July 08 was crap and without being dramatic was pretty much the worst time I've ever experienced. Now though its onwards and upwards because I really feel excitement at the prospect of 2009.

In June I'm being made redundant from MTV and having been here for 8 years am kind of ok about it. I really really want to go back to Australia and this would be the perfect opportunity. On top of these life changing plans, I also have new year resolutions like, take my make up off properly every night, accept that most people in life are a little bit strange and I can't change them or figure 'em out. I also need to DETOX so badly and again I'm genuinely looking forward to that too, there's still hope for me yet people!

Have a good Christmas everyone. :-)

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