Thursday, 4 December 2008

And sometimes you close your eyes and see the place where you used to live...

Well I'm pleased to say my diary's filling up nicely with many occasions to smash my liver further. Happy days.

I've embarked on a last ditch attempt to get fit and have decided to go back to the gym. I've arranged for some excellent music to pump from my IPOD to keep me going. Like....."So what!" by Pink. YEAH! That oughta do it.

YUCK! Just seen Enya on telly - she looks proper old but at least I could make out some actual words in her latest song. I was thinking to myself this morning whilst tucking into a sumptuous breakfast, did Slade write their christmas hit? Cause if they didn't then they probably hate christmas eh? Imagine that! Gutted. Oh I have many thoughts, all of them incredibly interesting.

I keep getting texts from Australia people telling me they're about to drink Sambuca's! :-( BOOOO I wanna be back there. When I wake up in my bed at the moment I keep losing my bearings. Yesterday I actually thought I must have pulled and was in a strange boy's bedroom. (then I realised it didn't smell of "boy" so that soon brought me crashing back down to earth). Sigh. One thing that's good is, at least I have Christmas to look forward to. God I love Christmas day its just a massive eat fest at my house (Ma and Pa's house) and this year, as ever there'll be no strange boyfriends hanging around. We prefer it with no outsiders.

And, it also means the traditional watching of the best Christmas film EVER. "Scrooged" starring Bill Murray. I remember last year, my ex-boyfriend was particularly difficult over the obligatory watch of this film, forcing me to watch the highly BORING original version of it first. What a weirdo. This year my sister's coming up from Bournemouth as she is equally a huge fan. Can't wait! I'll also be watching it with my friend Lauren as she's never seen it. Sheltered or what!

I've done some more culling on Facebook, I simply couldn't bear the outrageous spelling mistakes on people's status updates. More to follow I expect.

SO! SW1 radio is going FM this sunday! (87.7fm) My show is on 10am to 12pm so you simply MUST listen in. If you're out of the FM Radius which most will be, please log into at 10am this sunday and prepared to be dazzled as I entertain you with some excellent music and hilarious banter!

Anyway - I've got a bagel to eat.


bumbumfacewantsakitten said...

Shambucas are howwid...ICK.

I'm sheltered too, never seen scrooged. Bring it Sunday if you have it

What does LUGEN mean?? thats the word verification I have to put in when making this post. You should make them have better words. like kittens and bumbums ;-)

itsmybirthdayonmonday said...

Dont you just LOVE Gummy Bears

Leanne Diggins said...

Not bringing it sunday cause I 'm already booked to watch it with other more important types, people who don't just want a kitten cause they're cute. xxx

Leanne Diggins said...

Why would you be mentioning Gummy Bears? Happy Birthday for monday!

itsmybirthdayonmonday said...

Cos Gummy Bears are ugly little creatures