Friday, 2 January 2009

I hope it's gonna make you notice someone like me.

Well that went bloody quick didn't it. GOOD. At first this whole festive period seems like fun (say around the 7th December) but then after a while it all becomes a little painful and I can't wait for it to be over. And now it is! YAY.

New Years Eve was ok - I went to my friend Louisa's house for a party, I even brought my disco lights with me. I decided to drink white wine because that makes me the most mental and unapproachable person that ever lived. Well done me. In every picture I seem to have a look that very clearly states "Fuck off away from me". I must have just been feeling all like .....vulnerable...... which with it being New Year and all.... I 'spect that made me a little erm....guarded.

We went for a New Year kebab at about 1am (me and karen) and came across many many argues going on in Beckenham. There were two girls doing argues IN the kebab shop and then outside, there was a man and a lady doing argues. My friend wanted to make sure the girl was ok. She seemed alright to me, she kept shrieking at the boy "I got a punch in the face for YOU!" But the boy seemed uninterested. We asked the girl if she was ok and she was quite dismissive of our kebab stinking helping hand/s. Apparently when I discovered what the boy had done to the girl, my sympathetic words of wisdom to her were "Get some back-bone and get a cab home." And then flounced off clutching my Doner. I knew the evening was over when I fell off the kitchen counter and cut my knee. Great days.

So now onto my new years resolutions. I have many and I suppose to most will seem boring. I obviously will be Detoxing drastically which means no drinking for the WHOLE of January. I really am determined to give my liver a rest, poor little liver. Also the eating thing has gotten out of control so that must change. I really really wanna keep up the no drinking thing although I have a wedding to go to on sunday so it's going to be tough. MUST.... RESTRAIN... THOUGH. What else? Not much - celebrity BB starts tonight and I shall be watching. I hear that Ulrika Johnson's going in? WHHYY!!! Must just be a rumour - she needs neither career boostage or killage.

So I'm doing a reading at this wedding on Sunday, a passage from the Velveteen Rabbit. S'lovely it is and when I first read it I was blubbing like a right div. I'm now (after hundreds o times of reading it through completely) totally immune to it and its powers.

I hope everyone enjoyed their new year's and if you didn't, remember its JUST ANOTHER DAY.

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