Monday, 29 June 2009

I must become a lion hearted girl.

I haven't written for over a week, sorry about that but its been a week of weird-ness and I've actually had to do stuff like ya know, pack up my desk and do dubs and all that crap. Anyway, I'm here now aren't I?

Hmmm, just trying to think back to what I've been doing.... Ah yes, right so last Tuesday I met up with an old friend Gina from my TV Travel Shop days. We met in Moorgate, Banker central and we weren't disappointed. Well, we were. This bloke came over to us and was talking UTTER shit but his friend, his mate, erm, fuck what was his name again? Bloody hell I've got to start writing this more. Anyway his mate asked me out and took my number. He also told me he had a Porsche which I thought rather vulgar but at least he could drive. Anyway Mr Porsche didn't call me or text to follow up on the date. Shocking. Apparently this is a THING men do. They just wanna tot up the "digits" and then get some kind of MENTAL ego boost when a lady hands over her number. Whatever. He was Fugly anyway.

Wednesday I went to my friend and photographer Martin Hobby's studio to do a photo shoot. It was horrendous trying to look good. I had the worst hangover and teenage acne. Martin being my friend was pretty upfront with me, saying at times "Did you know you have a squint?" Erm.... ok.

We tried to do some "fun and playful" shots consisting of a cane and bowler hat and Martin wanted me to stick my fingers out towards him in a wizardy way. (his words, not mine) and every now and then whilst snapping away, he'd bark "More Wizard! More Wizard!" where upon I'd wiggle my fingers in what I hoped was a wizardy way. He's got this really nice kitten who's tiny and we tried a couple of cat in the hat shots but the kitten wasn't up for it. In the end we got some decent ones and Martin worked his magic. Gotta love that airbrush.

Which brings us up to Friday which was of course my leaving party. Oh what fun that was. Jeeeez I positively excelled myself on the Stella/Sambuca drinking. I tried not to cry but when I got my present which was ACE and did my speech, Niagara falls. I also leaped on a colleague of mine for some serious pashing (as the Ozzys say). Just sent him an apology email. Happy days.

It's my FINAL day at MTV tomorrow and I'll really, really miss my friends here they're wicked. Like I said in my speech friday, I've met some of the most interesting people I have ever met in my life. When I started at MTV I was engaged to be married, I had that life, the one I often moan I don't have now. But it consisted of working to live, going to work, coming home, getting up, going to work and so on. But since then and during the last few years, I've been in my own documentary on BBC1 and BBC3 which in turn got me into stand-up comedy which I did because I wanted to do radio, which I now do on Sunday's. I also run my comedy night Catface Comedy since 2006, its just madness, I'd never have envisaged this.... It's weird and I do feel that the people I've met at MTV (past and present) have had something to do with it. Nurture not nature is the key here.

Thank you so much, my lovely lovely friends. I'm so lucky to have met you, many of which I feel I'll know for life and the memories I have from here will stay with me forever. I'd also like to thank God... I kind of would, actually.

Anyway, Saturday I woke up on my sofa fully clothed and literally feeling like SHIT. I was properly ill - it was bad news. I had a BBQ to go to in the day and Lee was picking me up 2pm. He came to get me and I actually couldn't stand. When we got to the BBQ I hoovered up the buffet table with my mouth and felt marginally better.

Sunday I didn't do my radio show and in the afternoon went out in Greenwich with Katy. We've decided to get ourselves a local there where everybody knows our name.

This week I have one more day left at work and then Wednesday I'm meeting with a sound engineer to get my new Show Audio Reel up and running. It's gonna be ACE. Thursday I'm going to watch a band in Camden, and then Saturday or as I like to call it, CATurday, I'm off to Ibeefa. I cannot fucking wait. I bloody need this break and I need some sun and I need some time with my dearest friends.

Until next time.

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Anonymous said...

You were engaged to be married! What happened? You never wrote about that in this blog!!!!