Monday, 1 June 2009

I don't want to dissect everything today, I don't mean to pick you apart you see..... but I can't help it.

The weeks are flying by and its stressing me out. I now only have 4 weeks in my job at MTV - redundancy SUCKS.

So, now I'm FORCED to do some actual work (look for a job). I went on a course last week which was for all redundant rejects who find themselves in "job search" world. It was quite useful and nice to know that my CV is utter crap. The woman who took the course was very annoying. You know those women who just eminate BITCH from every pore. Well she was one of those. I just kept thinking.."we so couldn't be friends". I'm sure she would be most upset to learn that.

But yeah, the course obviously made the whole being out of work thing a reality which of course isn't a very secure or jolly thought. But, if I'm honest I'm actually excited about being unemployed. I've not been unemployed since I was 14 years old and got my first saturday job at "Curtess Shoes" in the corner of Peacocks in Orpington. I've always been on a payroll. And now, to not have a regular income is going to feel weird. Oh well, its not like I'm the only person to lose their job eh and like I say, the idea of getting up when I want like so many of my fellow loser friends feels pretty good.

Friday night I went out in Soho as the Head of Post Production (another redundancy victim) was having his leaving drinks. It was well cool. I did NETWORKING. Proper real networking. Suddenly the worry of not getting a job evaporated. Thanks Stella! (artois). The boy met me and also came to the event. He seemed to get on well with my colleagues which is always important, especially when your leaving your job in 4 weeks anyway, so....

I had a pretty vicious hangover on saturday and was due to go to my friend Sam's house later on in the afternoon. I got there at around 4pm and my head was still banging. The only way through this I felt was more alcohol. She has two children that although are actually two of the nicest kids I know, their leaping on me, pushing a scooter into my knee and the 2 year old accidently punching me in the face, meant I really needed to be drunk. So I became this way and happily the afternoon was a success.

I got home at about 9 o clock and spent about an hour and half on the phone to my friend trying to work out how we could get her a boyfriend and what avenues we haven't already exhausted. Turned out we're really scraping the barrel now but are going down the "friend of a friend" route. The guy I'm kind of seeing doesn't really have any single friends (SELFISH) so we have to try something else. Any ideas? Comment if you know of any avenues to try (Not internet, we've done that).

Sunday I spent the afternoon reading through old diaries and looking at old photos. Its come to my attention that I peaked at the age of 28 and am now on a downward spiral. It would help some if I could shift this fat, but unfortunately I'm really greedy. God the poor people on the beach in Ibiza are going to literally VOM when they see me in my thread bare bikini. And I go topless. HAHAAH! Have that holiday makers! Me fatting about on the beach. ENJOY! I might even play volley ball just to make matters worse. (Yeah right, as if I plan to MOVE.)

So, this week I am staying in cause I have NO MONEY. How exciting my life is. Don't you just wish you were me? No? Well... thats fine.

Till next time.

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Christina Martin said...

Curtess Shoes in Peacocks! I got all my school shoes from there. You probably sold me some before we knew each other. Ah Orpy...