Friday, 19 June 2009

There was a boy who lived inside his head...he couldn't face the world, so he turned his back instead.

YAY. I've just downloaded some great music for my radio show on Sunday morning. Golden Silvers, Little Boots, The Klaxons and LOTS MORE. If you get a chance log onto the show from 10am Sunday morning. it's gonna be a cracker.

This week's been busy busy busy. I've managed to tidy my desk with the help of my lovely team. They convinced me to chuck out the dried up banana so that's a good thing. I still managed to snaffle away some useless stuff, like a big foam pointy glove usually for people in the audience of Gladiators. Its great. I love pointing in it. Tuesday I met up with my friend Dave in Greenwich. He used to be my supervisor when I "worked" at TV Travel Shop. Had a bit of an overload on old TVTS friends lately, what's going on? Anyway - I met Dave and he came up with a fantastic plan. He casually dropped into conversation that he's considering buying a pub. He wants it to be a "venue pub" for music and comedy and all that but doesn't have experience in events. Well Dave! I know a girl who does! That's right ME. So this would be a great venture for both of us, alcohol AND music AND comedy. My favourite things.

So the next day I had to go to that agency. It was based in Ealing Common in a residential area, in a house. Anyway, I found the "red door" and knocked. It didn't actually have any agency sign outside or anything. I was meeting a lady called Simone. A man answered the door and ushered me in. He told me to wait in the living room and handed me a diversity form to fill in. I suddenly had a really bad thought that I might get murdered and that this so called ethnic diversity form was a ruse, as was the "Simone" pseudonym. I tried to work out how I'd get out so I hurriedly used my blackberry and emailed a couple of people my location and told them that if I wasn't out in an hour to call the police. I looked around for an exit and grabbed my keys ready to do some serious stabbing.

Suddenly Simone came and got me and led me to an office which had a pooter and phone and office supplies so all my murdering thoughts left me. It was a good meeting and she really helped me out. I'm crap at this kind of interview though, if there's silence I always have to fill it. That goes for relationships too. And when I fill the silence I always say something knobbish. Like with Simone. When we were discussing the places I would work (TV channels) she said "I get the impression that you wouldn't want to work at the BBC because its quite corporate etc." And I said "Yeah, I do really hate red tape and also, ya know, anal" (DOH) and she just looked at me so I had to fill the gap "Well, I don't actually hate ha ha ha ha....well, I do... it all depends....on er...." and then trailed off. It was like a bad dream.

So, still no leads jobwise. However, I went to see a tarot reader the other day and he told me some GREAT stuff. He said I would be with child within six months to a year and it would be a boy. And the child wouldn't have a father. (I bloody knew it....I am MARY MOTHER OF GOD) He also said that I have to start putting into practice the whole giving out what I want to get back. This is the Laws of Attraction thing and although I know the theory of this, it is a case of FEELING it as opposed to thinking it. He said I need to read the book "Excuse me, your life is waiting for you." I think I will. So it was ok really. The child bit isn't going to happen. End of.

Tonight I'm going to my team's leaving drinks in Camden :-( BOO and the day draws closer. Apparently there might be a lad there that I might like! I plan to act like a massive knob and say really stupid things. Fingers crossed eh? I'll update you monday to let you know if all goes to plan. *sigh*

And then, Lauren's coming over tomorrow and we're going to go through the new dance for Catface Comedy (15th JULY! The Betsey Trotwood, starring Barry Castagnola, Paul Foot, Josie Long and Michael Legge). Then on Sunday after the radio show I'm off to Covent Garden and we're rehearsing the dance in Pineapple Studios. I'm very intimidated. I'm going to wear my hair in a pony tail and wear a cap like all those other dancey types. Also hope to see Evie and Matt for a quick coffee Sunday and a catch up. YAY! 15 days until Ibiza! YEAH! Blue Lagoons and Mr Cairo's karaoke club here I come.

Have a great weekend - till next time.

(don't forget to listen to me' show on Sunday 10-12pm)

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