Monday, 8 June 2009

So give me the song and I'll sing it like I mean it.....Give me the words and I'll say them like I mean it.

I feel alright now. Oh Time, you are my bestest friend in the whole world.

Thursday as you were probably aware from my blog, I felt a bit crappy. I went out in the evening to my mate's birthday drinks in town. I was planning on not drinking but somehow I forgot this immediately and ordered a pint of Kronenberg. I got my drink and walked over to the gang, having not said all my 'hello's'. As I stepped across to them, my pointy shoes got caught on this chair and I tripped over. Two thirds of my full pint went right down my mate Andrea's back and my other shoe flew off. I laughed and laughed and laughed. My stomach actually hurt. When I'd recovered my composure I looked up to see all these randoms staring at me, this made me laugh more. I think I was slightly hysterical but boy did I need that. Poor Andrea. hahahaha. The night was a little bit weird cause where I was quite emotional I was going from laughing to miserable mode throughout it. Poor people who asked how I was..... my responses were well dark. "Me? How am I? You want to know how I AM???! Well I'm fucked. How are you?" I think I was being a bit scary. Oh well, for one night only I'm entitled. Only one thing for it. SAMBUCAS. And finally, when that didn't work it was time to take my leave. .

Happy days. The next day I was hungover like a bitch and feeling sad again. Newsflash, alcohol makes you feel worse the next day. Friday night I stayed in minus alcohol and it made me feel better, also managed to clean my flat. Although, I smashed a really nice pint glass accidentally and it went into millions of pieces which made me weep. I probably wasn't weeping over that though. My Dyson HATED it.

Saturday I went to Orpington to meet my mate Louisa for some fry up action. It was really nice wandering around the old place, not been back for a while and there were less freaks out than usual. However, after walking through the dilapidated precinct and then into Peacocks to check out my old Saturday job area from when I was 14, I saw this woman who used to work there when I did and I felt instantly depressed. She didn't recognise me cos in those days I had an unsightly corkscrew perm.

After this, I couldn't bear to get on the bus home so my Dad came and got me - I'd had enough. We hung out for a while listening to Cat Stevens and chatting about my most recent week of hassle. I pointed out to my dad that I kinda feel that one of my downfalls is I'm always trying to act a certain way in front of lads and although I agree there is always room for compromise, to change for someone is just plain stupid. So from on, I'm going to be myself. (Starting at the checkout in Morrisons later that day and chatting up 18 year old "David". He made me actually go RED. And he was 18. Hey man, still got it!)

Saturday night I met Hevver Bevver and co and we went for a couple of beers in New Cross. We then went onto see a band which were really rather good. I was pretty pissed though and when they'd finished I decided to call it a night. The next day I went to do my radio show and I was about half hour in, when suddenly my right eye went blind. Which means for me, a migraine is on its way and soon my speech will fuck up. I had to abandon the show with haste and get a cab home before I started talking utter gibberish. It's really scary cause you think you're having a stroke. Makes me scared to speak in case I say the wrong words. I did find myself saying the word "Futter." alot. Stupid Migraine. It meant I had to miss a BBQ at my mate's house :-(. Once the zig saggy lines go and the numb arms and weird speech things go, then I'm left with the feeling of being punched in the head which I still have. Really annoying but thankfully I only get them once a year on average. Prob caused by the stresses of last week.

This week I have written lists and plans and am going to execute them. I've already done three things on my list including my new and revised CV. There's something satisfying about putting a line through stuff.

I will definitely be back on the radio show on sunday and I have some ACE music for this sunday so please try to listen in if you can at from 10 am.

Also if you haven't already, Catface Comedy on the 15th July starring Barry Castagnola, Paul Foot, Michael Legge and Josie Long is on SALE NOW. Go to this group on Facebook to find out how to pre book your ticks and save yourself some cash.

Until next time...

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