Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Please, don't let this turn into something it's not.

Wow these bank holiday weekends get better and better don't they. Do they? Yes, they do. Anyway. Last Friday before the bank holiday weekend, lovely Harry Hill came into my work to discuss Fair trade stuff. He loves it, specially nuts. Anyway MTV stock loads of fair trade products in our vending machines (although, dunno why cause the vending machines here steal money ALL the time). Anyway, so an email went out on Wednesday saying "Harry Hill coming to MTV" and then in the contents of the mail it mentioned Harry again but wrote "Harry Hall" so a collective groan went out around MTV cause we thought they'd typo'd the "Hill" bit in the title. But Lo, what is this? Sure enough, the actual Harry Hill was coming into MTV. A buzz ran out through the building (between me and my friend Mandy). Harry Hill was coming into OUR work, sod popstars, bring on the Harry.

We devised a plan which would mean us getting to the front of the atrium to watch the speech, this cunning plan entailed us getting down to the atrium a full 7 minutes before everyone else. I know. Clever eh. Soon there was Harry's bald head gleaming away. I had to turn away for I was all red and sweaty. Then this lady said (i think Harry's PR person) please feel free to talk to Harry, he's open to any of your questions etc. You don't need to tell me twice woman. I went over with a gaggle of others and we all spoke at him at length about our love for TV Burp. I decided to mention his stand-up to move away from this topic and to make me seem more interesting and potential girlfriendy. It worked, for we discussed (like old friends HA!) an AWFUL club in London that has the crappest MC (if you could call him that) who's a weirdo that does phoning you up at night and inviting you round to drink wine at his house. YICK. And THEN I had my picture taken with lovely Harry and I'm grinning like a loony but I don't care.

Then after his speech which included ("there's only one way to find out - FIGHT")I spoke with him again. I told him I ran a night in East London called "Catface Com" "CATFACE COMEDY?" Harry Hill interrupted? That's right readers, he said CATFACE COMEDY and he said he knew of it. And I said "Are you just saying that you know if it?" And he was like "No seriously I've heard of that a couple of times.." I was so happy. So happy infact that my hard work of seeming cool all went down hill from there. So I wrapped up the conversation and as I walked away, said quietly "I love you." Of which he heard. Ah, always end a conversation like a GIGANTIC KNOB. That's my motto. Imagine if I'd met Dawn French, that would have been miles worse. He's lucky he just got a hushed "I love you."

He is great.

Saturday I met up with the boy which was pretty cool but we did lots of bickering which I felt strange seeing as we're supposed to be at the "getting to know each other" stage according to my manual.

Sunday was the best day of the whole weekend. Katy and I went out in Greenwich Park for some picnic action. The picnic consisted of Gin and tonic, vodka and cranberry, scones and chipsticks. NIIICE. When we got to the park we were supposed to be meeting two sets of my pals but decided to first sit down and have a chat just the two of us. Suddenly, out of nowhere a squirrel came over. Usually I like them, their tails are most agreeable. But no, this one was GIVING IT. I'm not joking. This isn't supposed to be amusing, the squirrel was properly squaring up to me and Katie. I actually ran off and was like "look, what do you want?" it was well weird. Even passers by were commenting on how scary he was. In the end we had to move.

Later on I met with my mate Martin and his friends. We went to the pub after and had a great time. Then Katie and I headed back as it was getting dark and we went to the bar on the complex where we live and there was live music consisting of Pink Floyd covers. We stayed to watch and it was a lovely end to a lovely day.

This week sees me watching the Apprentice TONIGHT. YAY! And then seeing Hevver Bevver tomorrow night for some catching up action.

Until next time.


Insults said...

I love Harry Hill too. Would have done exactly the same!

Leanne Diggins said...

Right on!

Anonymous said...

I think you may have seen a Crack Squirrel . Have a read of this:

Leanne Diggins said...

I actually think that must be the case. IT WAS INSANE.