Wednesday, 13 May 2009

So I drank one, it became four....and when I fell on the floor I drank more.

Bah my tummy hurts and I've got Catface tonight. Must...suck it up...

Ah that's better. No, it's not.

Anyway - yes, whats the latest? Well, I've had a very nice week. I went out on that date on thursday and we had a cool time. Although as we walked to the bar we went quite fast and when we got there, my face kept spewing out moisture known to some as sweat. Was embarrassing. I was like "Erm shall we go in the garden?" He totally noticed too cos it was the beady kind. Oh well, it soon dried up. I decided to drink Stella even though I was advised against it by many. My thoughts on this was, well, this is me. Well, I'm not ACTUAL Stella but I do like it. And anyway who cares? Yeah so we had fun and he asked me out again for the following Sunday. Madness.

Saturday I stayed in for most of the day and in the evening Louisa came over for some catching up action. We decided to go out in Greenwich and then I thought, I know, why don't I text the man who I'm seeing tomorrow anyway?? Yeah good idea. Luckily he was receptive to my drinking and dialling and we went to meet him and his friends at a private party. Where upon I decided "I know, why don't I be the biggest knob that ever lived?" Phew. I'm so glad I follow through on my decisions.

Yes, I did robotics, yes I lay on the floor and wouldn't get up and lots lots more! The next day when I dragged myself in to the radio station I was convinced I'd never see him again. So before I set up cooking the sumptuous roast I had planned when I got home, I called him to get this confirmed.

But lo, what is this? He STILL wants to come over? Really? Yes, yes people its true. He did. I know. Something very strange is going on but I ain't gonna question it. So another nice arvo ensued. Watched AN AWFUL DVD though called "The Strangers" Absolute rubbish totally do not bother. Terrible terrible. God this Lovefilm thing is a big fat LIE. Of this batch from Lovefilm I also watched Amelie (again) even though as my brother in law quite rightly points out, the DVD cover is exceptionally irritating.

I'm having a spotify A-ha moment right now. So, so good. You should all totally love them. Listen to The Weight of the Wind from the Scoundrel Days album. So dramatic.

Right so from now until the weekend I have several good things on. Tonight is of course the most important, Catface Comedy at The Betsey Trotwood pub from 8pm. YAY.

This weekend I'm on an improvisation course. I dunno why, I SUCK at improv. Going with Caroline Clifford and Evie's beau Matthew, or as they call him Foxy. (Which I quite frankly refuse to do. Not even as an improvisation.)

I just cringe all the way through improv usually, whats all this "Freeze" bollocks. I hate it when I'm forced to intercept a scene and I've no idea what to do. I always end up saying "What are you doing?" A SIN! A SIN in improv!

Anyway the person who runs this course is very very good and it is a good class cos I've done it before so I reck it will be fun at the very least.

And that's it. I better go because my tummy is telling me so.

Until next time.

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