Monday, 18 May 2009

You see their arms clear and cruel in your jealous mind.

Oh my god I need a holiday, I'm so tired. That's not a very upbeat way to start a blog but s'how I'm feeling.

Nevertheless I've had a pretty interesting week. Catface Comedy was as usual a bloody great night and I don't care if that makes me seem conceited. It is a bloody great night and that's that. The next one in July (missing out June as that's redundant month) features Paul Foot, Josie Long and Barry Castagnola. Yeah man.

But back to last week's one. I had the worst tummy ache in the world and my door person was sick so I knew it was gonna be a bit stressful. Luckily though my friend Louise stepped up to the mark and did the door with her boyf Jack which was great. And the erotic dancers stepped up by seating people which again was so cool. I was stressing a bit because that guy I've been dating came along and that always adds pressure. What happens if he thinks I'm a dick? Also I have a bit of a "persona" on stage which is a bit man eatery, and although I warned him of this, I know it must have seemed a little bit strange. Oh well. He seemed to enjoy which was cool.

Very lovely to see Jason Kavan and Jess Fostekew performing cause I'd never seen them before - I was highly impressed! We stayed until the pub closed as usual with a load of audience. These two guys that had seen the show advertised on Chortle stayed with us too and were really nice.. They were very complimentary saying that they'd have paid twice the entrance fee for the night, which is what I love to hear. I think its well important that audience get their money's worth. (Unlike other stand-up nights in London which do not offer value for money and I quite frankly think is a massive liberty)

Anyway enough blowing smoke up my ass.

The weekend was cool, I was doing an improv course which I have to say I was dreading. Didn't help that I was hungover and feeling a bit sorry for myself for drinking and dialling that guy. KNOB. I was sat in a cafe in Old Street at 10:15 waiting for Matthew and Caroline and considering doing a runner when Matthew came in. Luckily he too was planning an escape but we decided against it, met Caroline and went to the course.

It was pretty cool actually - I remembered most of the exercises and games we were playing and I could see a slight improvement in my impro skills but again, its not really my cup of tea and not something I would wish to pursue. We had such a good laugh though, I'm looking forward to some decent cartoons from Caroline and Matthew because written words (ie: my blog) will not do it justice.

In other news my friends and I have an ongoing conversation about people using the wrong words for stuff. This stems from Pammie in Gavin and Stacey. So for example, she'll say something like "No way, Blase'" and on Jeremy Kyle the other day I heard a classic.

Toothless, scabby woman to man shouts: "Well you're a fucking c*nt!"
Equally scabby man shouts back "Yeah? Well the feelings neutral!"


RE: The man front, it all seems to be going ok although had a bit of a wobble the other day cause this guy asked me out and I said "NO". But then I thought, hang on a minute. I'm saying no cause of this guy I'm seeing, but what happens if this guy I'm seeing would have said yes to that? I started to have mini jealous thoughts. I mean, I don't want to have "The Conversation" with him. ie: are you my boyfriend? cause its way too early for that. But are we dating other people? I didn't know whether it was just me that was being exclusive. God this dating thing is so RULEY! Anyway, in the end I could stands it no more and told it to him straight. Its all sorted now and we are still doing dating but in an exclusive way. WOW. Aren't I growed up. Yes so much so, that I'm airing my dirty laundry on a blog. Haha.

This week is SOOO busy. Today I'm doing a little audition to do some Voiceover work for Nickelodeon. Luckily I smoked a million fags this weekend so my voice sounds all gravelly. I'm sure thats what they're looking for.... er.....

Aaaaaannnyyyway...I better go now. Oh yeah, I'll be on SW1 radio tonight 7pm-9pm so tune in by logging onto from 7pm!


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