Thursday, 21 May 2009

Goodness knows I saw it coming, or at least I'll claim I did....

Just got a new work blackberry and its ACE. Not sure why it's ace, but its all new and got the plastic on it and everything (which I've just RIPPED off.)

I so need to detox. This last week has been horrendous drink wise. Luckily I've run out of money so have to stay in from now on. I don't suppose I will, but gonna try.

Tuesday evening I went out with the boy and had a good time. I know I shouldn't talk about him on here but he doesn't read this so I think its ok. Its not like I'm saying anything serious, just a' blogging is all! Yeah so anyway, we had fun and then came back to my house for some of my home cooking. I used to think I was a really good cook and as those avid blog readers will verify, I even won our own version of Come Dine With Me. Now though, now that I'm trying to impress a lad, I've only cooked a Roast Dinner and Spaghetti Bolognaise. Hardly innovative or difficult to cook.... I think I'm going to have to revisit Delia and get some top tips 'cause this is bordering on embarrassing.

Last night I met up with some comedy pals, Catie Wilkins, Christina Martin and Jane Bostock and we haven't hooked up for a while. I was feeling extra tired and hungover, also my liver was actually hurting so I didn't think I'd be out for more than one drink. However we had so much fun that I ended up staying out for the duration. Its so nice to know some cool stand-up comedy ladies 'specially ones as down to earth and normal as them.

I missed The Apprentice obviously, but one of my friends on Facebook had helpfully REVEALED who had been fired on their status update. BAH! I had to say something about that cause as soon as you know who's fired, you also know which team has lost and so on. Annoying! Anyway - still had a watch of it today on BBC i player. It was ok and Alan chose the right candidate to fire. As usual....

Ah another bank holiday looms and I'm happy about that. Friday night I think I'll have a couple of drinks in town and then Saturday meet up with the boy. I might have a break from the radio show this Sunday, but will be back the following week if that's the case. And then for the rest of the weekend I plan to just lol about, I might even kick start my detox. But I might not. I really want to give up smoking again because I'm fully off the wagon and I'm ashamed. I read on someone elses blog that the other day they went for a 2 mile run. A run you say... hmmmm could I do that? Where would I run to if so? Last time I tried to run from my house I was wheezing and doubled over after just 50 yards. But you know, as my friend Rachel helpfully pointed out, I only have a few years where I'll be able to regenerate looks-wise. Once I hit 35 I can no longer do this. So, the question is, should I regenerate? I think probably, yes.

I go to Ibiza in 6 weeks and my diet has totally, totally failed. It seems I can't concentrate on lots of things at once. Like for example, this week I've been mostly focusing on drinking and being a big knob head. There's simply no room during this exercise to care about my looks and diet etc. But maybe, just maybe, I should focus on a regeneration objective. And as I type this, its becoming more and more of a good plan. YES. Yes that's it. I'm going to stay back.

In other news, this week there was a rumour going around that Patrick Swayze had died. I was actually properly gutted. Then it all turned out to be bollocks so felt better. (but then felt a bit crap again cause he's gonna die anyway isn't he)

Reminded me of the time there was a rumour flying around that Zak from Saved by the Bell (what a LOAD OF SHIT THAT PROGRAMME WAS) had died in a car crash and it all turned out to be crap. And isnt there a rumour that Kenan or Kel (loves orange soda) is dead? Or did I dream that? I know when I've been over-doing it cause I find it really difficult to differentiate between what I've dreamt and what's reality. Perhaps I should google that one incase I'm starting a rumour without realising it. See how easy it is though!

Have a fantastic bank holiday weekend.


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Christina Martin said...

Ditto your comment about knowing nice, grounded people in comedy!