Tuesday, 3 February 2009

I'm searching for the rights, that I've got in my mind.

Yeah so I was thinking....I was thinking about you know that thing where one day you're on top of the world and then the next, you can feel so low, so very low. But when you're feeling low you don't believe that it will ever pass but it always does. Always, always. Like on Saturday I felt quite gloomy for no real reason. I went to see my sister and my neff, Alex. I really really tried to get him to Miow - he's not talking yet but making sounds as if he wished he could. I was absolutely sure I would make him do it, but after Miowing loudly in his face for about 7 minutes he just looked at me like I was a mental case. He really is the sweetest thing though - he's toddling about and he even had a little dance with me. Cheered me up it did. But what really cheered me up was dinner with my sister. We went out for a Chinese dinner and although we both felt a bit gloomy at first, we soon discussed something so very funny (I can't put it on here, as I know there are spies) that my entire face and head felt bruised with laughter. I needed that I did.

Anyway I've gone off track, all I'm saying is because I feel OK at the moment I've been reflecting on when I feel SO SO happy and also when I feel SO SO shit. And the thing is, it wears me out a bit. If I could just remember this feeling I have now, this feeling of being OK, then no matter if I'm happy or sad it will always pass and turn into something else....and then will probably come back again, because life's a bit like that. Ya know, relentless.
Erm...I had a point when I started writing this.

After the meal I went into Town to meet Hevver Bevver for drinks in Tottenham Court Road. I wasn't really looking forward to it if I'm honest as I didn't think I'd know anyone. BUT turns out I did know people and one of them was a BOY. I waved at him from across the bar and he waved back. The thing is I couldn't remember his name but then I did, it was JOHN! So I went over (after a couple of wines) to him and his fair lady and was like "John this, John that.." Until it turned out that his name wasn't John at all, it was Rob and the reason I thought he was called John was cause he had a mate called John who for some reason had stuck in my mind.

The lady with him wasn't his fair lady either. It also materialised that I'd been set up with this guy Rob once before but had completely forgotten about it and when I'd recognised him 'cross the bar, I'd actually just remembered him from the "setting-up" incident. How I laughed. Its all such a blur to me though... I must admit, it was at a time when I'd just met my then boyfriend and had been seeing him for about 2-3 weeks but had started to go off him. HAHA. Should have gone with my instincts. ARF! Anyhoo we had a fun night whilst Rob helpfully pieced together my memory. Happy days.

Sunday was radio day, went ok. Tried to inject some personality into my afternoon show but ended up conveying this by chucking in a few silly voices. Oh well. I did get some texts into the studio and also, one of my mates said he listened on his wireless and said I sounded HOT. YAY. I've a meeting with the manager tomorrow so will get some more feedback then I spose. I didn't do SW1 radio sunday morning but I'm definitely back in this Sunday so get ready to listen! www.sw1radio.co.uk and click listen now from 10am - 12pm.

And finally as all know WE HAS SNOW! Yesterday I had to get a cab into work (on account obviously) but left fairly early so managed to make a snow man. Luckily my neighbour Katy was in so I called her as I got back to the complex and she was like YAYAYAYAY! SNOW MAN!! Before that incident I'd been tramping about in the snow outside my flat examining my foot prints (doing big strides & little strides etc) when I suddenly looked up to see a hunky man laughing at me and shaking his head. I did a massive cherry and gambled off towards my flat. Silly snow, made me look a nob.

Here is our snowman.
Exhibit A.

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Top Snowman work! that has to put a smile on your face!