Monday, 9 February 2009

You've been looking for someone you believe love you, until your eyes run dry.

A very productive week if I do say so!

Last week was spent having many a night in so I was able to actually eat what I'd bought from Tesco online stead of chucking it away at the end of the week.

Saturday I woke up early and went for a long walk around Greenwich Park and to the Observatory. It was meant to be half jogged in preparation for my 5km run in Battersea Park on Saturday. Unfortunately when I started jogging on leaving my block, I had to stop because I hurt and was wheezing in an unattractive fashion. I decided on a nice stroll instead. I saw people doing Military training in the park and I thought, I'd quite like to do that. So I watched them for a bit from the sidelines and then felt like a weirdo and shuffled off. I've looked it up on the Internet since though and I think I might join in with it! My fitness levels are just stupid, I dunno how I'm gonna get through next Saturday morning.

After this I went to see my Nan in the Home. She was much the same - but does seem pretty calm. There's a lady in the home called Barbara who seems totally totally normal (the home is for people with Alzheimer's and senile dementia) and this Babara can have a completely normal conversation with you and you start to think - how comes she's in here? Then we'll have a conversation like this:
Barbara - "I'm going to Shooters Hill later"
Me - "Are you? I live near there."
Barbara - "Oh really? I OWN Shooters Hill..."
Then it begins to come clear as to why she's in there. She also thinks she owns the home as well and says she will sue anyone who touches anything. I saw her smack another lady for touching the TV. We had to intercept this of course and break it up. Its a shame because most of the other patients there either don't speak at all, or just shout occasionally or like my nan, can no longer reall remember english and just speaks German. This woman seems so together just very very confused. Ah well, was very nice to see Nannie Diggins again.

Saturday evening I went to the Cinema with Karen to see "He's just not THAT into you". Well. What can I say? Not much. Yes I can - it made women out to be desperate losers. Also didn't tell me anything I didn't already know about certain men. In conclusion, a light and fluffy film but would recommend as DVD viewage only.

Sunday I did SW1 radio which was a really enjoyable show. The talking point was centred around discoveries on Facebook. This was on the back of the story out this week in the papers about a woman who discovered that her husband was divorcing her because he set his status to SINGLE on facebook. What a cock.

The emails came in thick and fast with people disclosing negative discoveries about Facebook. My personal most recent negative discovery was this.....I liked a guy on Facebook who I thought was eligible for some loving, but after examining his status updates in detail, discovered that he had met someone and was now jolly happy which of course meant he's now off limits! That wasn't very nice to learn I can tell you! Still -thats better than someone else who emailed in to say that her boyfriend had dumped her and not given her a reason. Then three months later she checked his facebook page (come on, we've all been there)and on his wall he was getting congrats messages about him and his partner expecting a BABY! Bloody hell! Ah so THAT was the reason he dumped her. Good old facebook - one day your friend, the next your enemy.

And finally, its Valentine's Day on saturday and I'm actually quite looking forward to it. Saturday morning I have a run to do and then in the arvo am going to see my friend Sophie and her babba. I don't feel the urge to go out and rampage around London in the hope of bagging the leftover men, (like I have on so many other Valentine Days). Infact the one good thing about the film "He's just not that into you" was that I feel great about being a single gal about town. That's not to say that Valentine Cards would not be welcome, because of course, they would. So get sending.

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