Thursday, 29 January 2009

Don't waste your words, I don't need anything from you. I don't care where you've been or what you plan to do.

So! Good news, looks like I will be doing the show on Time 106.8FM every sunday 2pm -6pm. I still want to do SW1 radio as well so looks like Sunday will be a full day of Radio. (Bar this one cause I'm just gonna do Time and Lou's covering at SW1) YAY! Very pleased indeed. :-)

Going back to the saga of the headphones. General consensus has been that they're really sad - so now I'm confined to only using them at my desk where no-one can really see me. I modelled them for my friend in this bar in covent garden the other day and she actually grimaced and looked ashamed of being near me. She told me I had to dispose of them immediately and although I agreed, I still have them, infact I'm wearing them now. Take that!

I'm listening to "suddenly I'm in too deep" by Belinda Carlisle. I only remembered about this song the other day cause it was on Time Radio and it brought all the memories flooding back to a summer holiday I had in 1996 in Austria. My mate Sam and I went to a very small village called Mellau (avec parents).

Anyway - at the age I was, about 16, we didn't really wanna go cause we were too cool for school. Actually we were 17. That's pretty old to still be going on holiday with one's parents no? Yeah. Oh well. This is tiny Mellau:
Exhibit a

Anyway - we had our own room and ensuite and all that. The thing was though, we were going by COACH. All the way there. I made a video of the whole escapade. The first scene sees me talking to the camera saying "Tomorrow we're going on holday with MY PARENTS, and I've just been CHUCKED by Mark. Happy holidays!" Yes people, even in those days I had no luck with the lads. ARF! Anyway - back to my tale. All the way to Mellau Sam and I moaned continuously. After 48 hours (!) we arrived in Mellau and as we exited the coach all we kept seeing were BOYS. "BOYS BOYS BOYS I'm looking for a good time!" (My inner-monologue sang happily)

Needless to say our luck changed pretty soon. There seemed to be more lads than lasses and we had smooches with different lads every night! Then on the last night we went to this weekly disco and I was dancing around teaching the Austrians the "running man" and suddenly I saw that there were the four lads that I'd snogged on each separate night. I tried to get away but they all knew each other and consequently realised I'd played them (*finger snap*)like a good un. And as I panicked and tried to get outta there "Suddenly I'm in too deep" came on by Belinda Carlisle. And I thought "Right on Belinda I sure am over my head quite right too. Dunno why I told you that story. Oh well. Hey though! I did film a cat chucking up on that holiday video though so...

Anyway I'll leave you with this - made me laugh.
Exhibit B


Local Girl said...

Wow congrats! I'm so glad you got that job xx

Insults said...

Woo! Congratulations - I'll tune in and listen!