Tuesday, 17 February 2009

There is a green hill faraway, I'm going back there one fine day.

So I've downloaded Samantha Fox's classic "Touch Me". I'll play it sunday at SW1 for you so never fear. Its GREAT. The other day my friend MADE me join a dating site cause she wasc joining. When I went to fill in the info on me, it said, what was my favourite music and I just couldn't think of what to write. If I put at the moment its Samantha Fox's classic "touch me" - I don't think I'll get much interest. But do I really want them? I'm a bit over the internet dating thing - I'm sucha trend setter arent I! There was you single types laughing at me for signing up for three months, back in 2005 and now look, you're all at it. But yeah, its such a chore. I can't help but write on my profile (bit about me section) what I DON'T want in a guy.... I've met a few now and am sure of THAT, at the very least. Also, I'm quite liking the whole hanging out just me and my fish and my mates and going for long walks and doing exploring and stuff.

Saturday I was supposed to do a run in Battersea park but (and I do have an excuse)after leaving camden Friday night my mate Mark accidentally kept my purse with him. So I was in a cab and got a phone call to say I didn't have my purse when I was at New Cross (nearly home). So I called the controller of the cab company to tell them I had no money and the nasty man said they'd take me to the POLICE STATION. Horrid! Luckily the cab man was nice and said he'd come and get it off me on Monday. Consequently the next morning I went back to Camden to get my purse from Mark. SO I couldn't do the run without money - what happens if I wanted a burger on the way round....

Saturday afternoon myself and Lauren went to visit my pal Sophie who has a tiny baby. He was very sweet but did do sicking quite a bit. I'm not really immune to that like most Lady's, so munching on my Millie's Cookie was quite hard as well as seeing SICK in the background. Sophie is a great great mummy and she's so happy which is ace.

Sunday I did the radio show at SW1 radio and then went to Time 106.8 to do my afternoon slot. Since doing this, I have decided to quit at Time 106.8. I've thought long and hard about it, but basically I found it incredibly boring and robotic and also "Tease me", by "Chaka Demas and Pliers" quite frankly gives me a watery mouth (like Sophie's baby). I know that it could be an opportunity for me, but the station said they had no budget to pay me which I felt was insulting so have since called them up and told them that I will not be back.

I'm getting very excited about Catface Comedy on the 11th March - we've sold 28 tickets so far and there's still 3 weeks to go. I think its because there are going to be erotic dancers there. Erotica Rules!


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