Thursday, 23 October 2008

Anytime, anyway, you're my playground love.

What about Kerry Katona eh? I watched the "this Morning" interview LIVE from my desk at work for I'm lucky enough to get to do typing and watching of stuff simultaniously. I can do a really good impression of Kerry on there but you can't hear it right now. I love Phil and Fern and feel that they had to point out the slurring cause it was getting awkward. I don't think they should be blamed for sabotage but I have to be careful what I say for I'm in the MTV Camp apparently and they think P & F are WELL outta order. Well, not most but the few that work on Kerry's show (they would). All Kerry has to do is dump that disgusting pig and then all will be solved. He makes me feel vomitus.

So tonight its Catface Comedy and I'm looking forward to it lots. Although the new venue (for this month only - Betsey Trotwood) is the size of a postage stamp I feel it will lend a nice intimate feel which is something we all crave don't we? No. I don't anyway. We have half the seats pre-booked so at least there will be audience which is always essential with stand-up comedy I find.

Hmmm what else? God I'm properly clutching at straws with what to write about. Dunno how people write blogs every single day.(MICHAEL LEGGE)

Hmmm oh yeah, at the weekend I went to a party and got drunk! What gossip eh? The next morning I had to be up at 8am to go to Victoria to do SW1 radio. I was still a bit tipsy I fear cause the hangover hadn't yet set in. Made the show more fun I reckon but I knew I wasn't completely right when I listened back to the recording of the show and I'd introduced a track like this. "And now its time for my all time favourite recluse, Kate Bush." That's not very nice is it, we have a very strict contract at the show so I felt instantly regretful. Louisa was there doing the celeb gossip section and did very well indeed. She will be covering me when I go to Australia. Which is in 2 weeks on friday! YAYAYAAYAY! I shall be uncontactable completely when I am there and its going to be GREAT.

After the radio show my hangover started to set and in and became increasingly worse and I worried that it might turn into a "special" hangover (special = vomiting inc.) I had to go to Caroline Mabey's house to do recording of my voice and knew I wasn't up to it without a lie down first. Luckily I explained this to her en route and she helpfully prepared a darkened room for me ready for my arrival. After 1.5 hours sleep I was ready to roll. I'm so versatile.

And that's that. Don't forget to set your alarms for SW1 radio on Sunday 10-12pm and click listen now. I'll play a song for ya, you might not like it but I'll play it all the same.


sumtintosay said...

hey Catface, great blog. Always enjoy reading it.

Anonymous said...

by the way, you shoudl embed some vids of your performances on here. I'm sure you film them, right??

Leanne Diggins said...

Yeah there's some stuff on Youtube - don't film most of them actually, maybe I should though!