Monday, 13 October 2008

Don't these times fill your eyes? When the streets are cold and lonely and the cars they burn below me.

A weekend that was the height of cool if I do say so. Friday at work we had an MTV Pop Quiz which was excellent fun. Our team was made up of six girls all claiming to know nothing about music ('cept me and Jess), but just look what happened! We came 5th out of 14 teams. Very pleasing. Lots of high TENS going on all around much to everyone else's annoyance.

After the quiz we went to a pub in Camden called the Lockside Lounge. I really, really dislike this pub and I don't know why I ended up there. Myself, Louise and Claire soon left and went off to the Oxford Arms. I was a little dubious about attending this pub cause I remembered that two weeks previous (after having some fresh air) I'd been told I couldn't come in again cause I was too pissed (which is absolute NONSENSE).

I wasn't sure if this meant I was barred for good so I sneaked into the garden and someone else kindly went to the bar for me. After a while Claire produced a sweet potato which was exactly the same shape as a baton one might use for relay races on sports day. We took full advantage of passing the baton correctly, with your hand held out backwards and starting to run as the person is passing it to you. This was most satisfying. When it was my round I decided to pluck up the courage to go the bar to face the staff there. I stood very meekly for a bit and suddenly the managing bar girl who's dad owns the pub said to me "Did you have a good birthday?" in a knowing fashion. And I thought, "Uh oh, how would she know that information?" Maybe I was being a bit raucous on the said night of chucking out and slipped that it was my birthday.... Oh Me!

After this is was time to call it a night for I had to be up early on Saturday to go to Belgium for the TMF Awards. Oh why do I always end up packing, pissed? Luckily I had enough time to unpack all the crap I'd thrown in friday night, Saturday morning. Won't be needing those salopettes...... In goes awards clothes and a good book namely Dawn French's "Dear Fatty", but more about that later.

Got to London City aiport and the aircraft only holds 40 people and it has propellors! Scary stuff as I'm not such a great flyer. When I got to Antwerp airport I found it to be the strangest place I've ever been to, with not a person insight and neither a taxi to take me to my hotel. Luckily I spotted the pilot of my flight and he kknew a buddy who was a taxi man so he called one for me. When I got to the hotel I was knackered and was just dropping off to sleep whilst watching TMF on TV when I heard "Live from Antwerp, the TMF Awards 2008!" And I was like "Wait a minute, THATS ME!" And I got all over excited and I couldn't sleep, so looking forward was I to hearing what I sounded like at the Sport Palais Stadium later on. Also very nervous indeed. What happens if I sounded shit?

When the time finally came and Thomas and I arrived, we rushed through the VIP bit to the actual stadium and I could hear myself saying right across the 25,000 strong audience " BEST NEW POP ACT INTERNATIONAL" JONAS BROTHERS! AVRIL LAVIGNE! MIKA! etc etc and each time I said their names the audience were screaming their heads off. Never have I had a rush like it. Mental days. We watched most of the show which was 3.5 hours long and every 15 minutes included my voice announcing the nominees. At one point I leant over and tapped this 15 year old girl and shouted "THATS ME! THATS ME!" she turned away disgusted. haha. Oh well, my 3.5 hours of fame did me proud that's all I will say.

After this is was time for the aftershow party which was pretty mental also and I ended up boogying away there until about 4am, upon which me and Sue-Eve decided to get a cab back to the hotel. When we got outside I was saying to Sue-Eve that its been weird being the only english person at the show and suddenly a man behind me called James said "No your not, I'm english too and we're all sat in the hotel bar come and join us!" So myself and the Freemasons (a dance band I later found out) all sat around drinking until about 6am, upon which it came to a light that a guy there had seen me MC in Portsmouth at the Black Cat the previous October. Small world afterall eh? Much fun, much fun.

The next day I felt ok after 7 hours sleep and headed off to the airport and as I was early I went for it with the Dawn French's book. God it was great. I love her even more now, and would thoroughly recommend it, beautiful writer, beautiful woman. It did make me cry in parts but in places where I was so in awe at how much she just gets it. She knows who she is, why she is, what she is, where she's come from, she managed to convey all of this without preaching or dictating. She's just so very dignified. She also writes a fantastic piece on forgiveness and also about allignment between her and her father. She mentions Josie Long in it as well, WOW if I was Josie Long I would be BURSTING with pride. I nearly texted her but then realised of course she would know this. READ IT!! READ IT!!! I adore Dawn!

Got back about 5pm and it was a loverly day in Greenwich and I felt very at peace. Then I read a few status updates on Facebook and was disgusted to see that even more people are using this most cringey word ever........."Chillaxing". FUCK OFF! It makes me want to VOM. ALL OVER YOU. Chillaxing. YUCK. God.

Ok bye.

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