Monday, 27 October 2008

Sooner or later in life, the things you love you lose...and just like before, I know I'll call on you.

A very decent few days. Here's what happened.

Catface Comedy at The Betsey Trotwood was exceptional fun, I got so excited that I licked a boy's neck in the audience. After the show I stuck around with some of the acts drinking and Luke McQueen taught me a great dance where your hands become crab's pincers. The next Catface Comedy will be on the 11th December so get involved.

I watched some cool things over the weekend, firstly, Nightmare on Elm Street on friday night and I really really don't remember it being as shit as that! It used to proper freak me out in the olden days. And the mum in it is really strange. I know she does drinking but she just seems completely mad.
Also watched this terrific game show called "Hole in the Wall". It's GREAT! This saturday's show consisted of the lovely Alex Wotherspoon as well, all lycra'd up. I would absolutely recommend this programme. Here's a clip:

Speaking of lycra/spandex and all that.... I went to see La Clique yesterday in Leicester Square cause my mate Evie had a spare ticket. Oh what fun that was, and what hunky men. The good thing is, where Evie is a street perfomer, she knew quite a few of the acts so was able to know if they would be handsome or not. We were properly over excited like those women you see at Chippendales.

I'd so recommend this show. Afterwards we hung around in the hippodrone for a bit and then realised we were the only ones at the bar and as we jigged about to "Super Freak" by Rick James, we started to feel a little ashamed. Evie knew a lovely secret bar just down from there, where we supped on some more white wine. We were playing TV Tunes through Evie's head phones like "Cagney and Lacey" and "Home and Away" and then this man said to us... "Look I've come for a quiet drink and that noise is excruciatingly loud" so Caroline said helpfully "Yeah? Well you're excruciatingly fat."

When I got home Saw ii was on. I love that film, but unfortunately fell asleep five mins in.

Just got a phone call from my mum saying she's found a list in my old bedroom with boys names on it. Very very embarrassing indeed as some are quite recent. "Shall I save it for you for when you next come round?" she says. "Um no Mum, just chuck it."

Right bye.

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