Friday, 17 October 2008

You were the last high.

Bloody hell my 40D isn't working and I'm having massive troubles catching up with Hollyoaks. If there's a time I need to catch up with this, it's NOW. Niall's lost it! Whilst I'm waiting for the download of this episode I though I'd write what the latest is with me.

Well, firstly I had a massive nightmare last friday when the guy who runs the Slaughtered Lamb emailed me to say he'd made a "boo boo" with my booking for next thursday (Catface Comedy) and so he would have to pull my night. (Basically, this month there were to be TWO shows instead of one cause November I'll be in Australia so clearly won't be doing Catface and that's why he reckoned he'd made the fuck up....)


All my listings are in, all acts had been booked, this isn't just a Boo boo! I called him up about 5 times and left various messages, all very professional mind you but obviously ebbing on hysteria. Haven't been that angry in ages...

In the end he texted me and said he would try to sort it out with the other people he'd double booked my night with. (hang on my download is complete, back after Hollyoaks!) O.M.G!

Right, back to my tale. Yeah so anyway the long and short of it is, I had to find a new venue for the same night. After much discussion I went with the Betsey Trotwood which is loverly. So all the details remain the same, 23rd October, Catface Comedy on at the Betsey Trotwood in Farringdon road, starts at 8pm! Phew.

Last night I went to the Canal Cafe Theatre to see Caroline in News Revue - twas good. I was on my own so Caroline seated me with her family which included the famous SUGGS of Madness fame. He isn't her family though, just a friend of.... and what a lovely man he is too! I fancied him a bit actually, he really is very very nice.

My sister told me that the TMF AWARDS were put up on youtube and you can hear me in the background doing me' voice over. There's loads of screaming going on but you can still make out my "Best pop international" bits and naming of the artists. Have a listen if you can be arsed: there's quite a few videos under TMF Awards 2008 but this one was the clearest over all the screaming youth.

Tonight I'm staying in to watch Hollyoaks, and then tomorrow I'm off to another 30th Birthday party. Don't forget this sunday its my radio show on SW1 - listen online at from 10am to 12pm.

I hope you have a great weekend.

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