Monday, 12 January 2009

Smile, like you mean it.

A weekend which had ups and downs. Here are some of the ups. I ate lots of pringles, drank some red wine, did a good radio show and did some semi-writing with Caroline M. We MIGHT be going to Edinburgh this year! I hope so - but we have to make sure we can write another great show. I reckon we'll manage it. Saturday, I made an attempt to watch Saw IV but for some reason it was too disgusting even for me. I think it probably didn't help that I was ramming pringles in my mouth during the bloody bits. I switched off after twenty minutes. Thanks Lovefilm, but me no LOVE. Now get sending with some other depravity thankyou please!

So I've been watching the fantastic comedy "Pulling" on BBC3. God it's great and so true. This book "Hug" features in the first series (2nd episode) and the madness is, that book made ME cry too!. It belongs to my nephew Alex and one day I read it to him (he didn't care he can't speak and stuff) and Niagara Falls came from my eyes! The same thing happened to my sister and I called her immediately to inform her that it featured on "Pulling" also as a tear jerker. I bloody knew we weren't mental.

I'd watched a couple of "Pulling"s when it was on first time round a year or so ago, but no where near enough for I was always out boozing. Irony. Or is it? Whatever.

Oh yeah I do have some news. I'm starting good old Catface Comedy up again on the 11th March at the Betsey Trotwood (upstairs) I can't wait. It's going to be so dirty. Not really. Funny. God I'm BORED.

My new years resolutions have ALL failed. There was I, stuffing red wine down my gob most of last week coupled with the day afters's compulsory KFC. Never again am I getting involved with resolutions. They're hateful. I would like to re-name them Lifestyle Changes, though I suspect someone out there has already done this. Well so what.

And finally I'm sorry but I'm getting really fucking sick of men. Sorry if you are one. Sorry for YOU that is. No not really, not all of them but a couple of the ones I've come into contact with (not like THAT) over the last few months. Well not ALL of the ones I've been dealing with, some of which my friends have had to deal with also. I just keep thinking *sigh* when is one going to surprise me and actually be decent and normal. When I used to get called by pals with the latest outrageous story regarding a man I used to gasp and be like "What the?"
But now it's like..."Did he? How unusual...really? A MAN did that? YAWN"

What a shame eh? I know you all aren't dicks. I think I just need to go to the gym to get some of those happy endorphins. And to lose flab.

And that's all we have time for today, BYE.

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