Tuesday, 27 January 2009

And how I long for that sharp wind to take my breath away..

Oooh I feel all jolly today. Is it the weather? Or is it because I'm genuinely jolly? I hope...both. So lots has happened this week - starting at the beginning of the weekend. I got a phone call friday evening from a guy at Time 106.8FM, asking if I wanted to come in and do a try out at the station Sunday afternoon 2pm-6pm. I agreed immediately and then realised I wasn't sure of how their playout desk worked. So saturday, I headed to the studio for some training ready for the following day. Saturday night I had some friends round for a nice dinner and an impromptu rehearsal for Catface Comedy (on the 11th March) and good times.

I woke up Sunday at 6am pretty much bricking it about the show at Time FM and happily, it was pissing it down outside. I'd cleverly left my umbrella at work so had a quick shower and headed out the door about 8am to get to SW1 radio for my 10 o clock show. I met Louisa and was in a huge rage. She didn't feel too great either cause her flatmate had been doing painting and decorating and Louisa thought she'd been poisoned. We ruffled our feathers however and set about performing a top class show which in my oppinion it was. As the show drew to a close I started to feel sick about doing the show at TimeFM. I decided to just head on over and all the way I felt like I had on the first ten gigs I ever did in Stand-up comedy. Like I properly felt scared and sick and poo pooey. Yuck. Anyway I got there, did the show and it was cool (again in my opinion). I find out Wednesday whether I've secured a regular slot there. I HOPE SO.

What else? Oh yeah, I've decided to start playing the clarinet again. In my youth I got to Grade 5 and have been thinking recently I wouldn't mind a revisit. I bought a reed from a music shop in Camden and dug out my old faithful friend (clarinet). It felt really light in my hand, in the olden days it seemed heavy and awkward. I haven't actually played it for 16 years so I knew it might feel slightly different. I tried to do some simple scales but when I concentrated on it I kept missing notes. It was better to simply tootle away and then the notes and key changes seemed to just happen. It was a weird feeling but I reckon I'd like to get a bit more involved with this.

The strange thing is, I was having a conversation with a work colleague about an hour ago about The Dandy, Beezer and the Beano and we found ourselves being able to name almost all of the Bash Street Kids. It was like we'd opened a pocket of memory that I thought was lost forever. I likened this out-loud to her about the whole clarinet forgetting thing and it turns out she's revisiting Clarinet world as well! I didn't even know she could play! How weird! Maybe we should form a band. Anyway she's gonna bring me some music in so I can see if it all comes back to me. I can read music still cause I used to have to do that when I was a Wedding Singer and since then I'll have a tinkle on the piano now and then - all's good with the old sight reading so I hope it all comes back asap. Look at me with all my extra curricular activities!

So my plans for the week look like this, tomorrow I'm seeing my mate Brian who I've not caught up with for about 10 months! He's from California and loves Romy and Michelle as much as me. Thursday seeing Lou, and then Friday I'm heading to Karen's for some TAPAS. Every month we've planned to cook for each other but having the theme of the food coming from a different country. Next month I'm doing Chinese food from Scratch! I know, is there no end to my talents? I'm even knitting a scarf for Christ sakes! I know.

I gave an old lady 10 pence today so she could go to the toilet at Charing Cross loo's. She only had 20pence (30p to take a piss! DISGUSTING) so I made the money up to 30p. She stood there all struggling for 10p and was passed by about 6 different women all going to do a piss just because they all had 30p. Honestly people, how can you live with yourselves you vile creatures. I hate that there are so few normals around.

Like on friday, I was on the Northern line and the doors opened at Angel and I looked to my right and there was a scuffle going on between two men (this was about 10am). I was trying to work out what it was when all of a sudden I noticed that the man facing the doors was pulling back a guy trying to leave the train. Then I worked it out. The guy trying to leave the train had the man's laptop! THIEVING BASTARD!

The guy on the train grabbed it off him and shouted YOU ASSHOLE! And then shoved the guy who'd try to nick it off the train with gusto. The door shut and all was silent for like a split second. So I said to the guy "Did he just try to nick that?" And the guy was like "Yeah what a bastard!" and I glanced around me and EVERYONE Had their noses in their papers. Nothing to do with me! I will show NO concern as I am a robot and made entirely of metal. So I said to the guy "Are you ok? Well done for noticing him doing it, he'll think twice in future hopefully." The guy said "Oh thanks yeah I'm fine, bit shaken up". Still their noses were in their papers or were looking everywhere but the said incident.

So I exclaimed to the robot commuters as we pulled away "Right all you lot look out the window to get a look at him as we go past." And they just sat there. So I said "UM can you PLEASE have a look out the window and get a look at his face?" (It would shit the thief up if nothing else and I wanted to try to show the man that we supported him.) Anyway they begrudgingly glanced up and the THIEFY MAN HAD A COAT OVER HIS HEAD!! GOD!!! I hate people like that.

At the moment I'm listening to "Ain't no mountain high enough" by Marvin Gaye and friend and it makes me feel so happy! Get listening - s'lovely. I should be feeling sad cause I only lost a lb this week at WW, but onwards and upwards thats what I say!

Have a good week, and remember, don't turn the other cheek in life it makes one seem a proper wanker.



Insults said...

Hello commuters with your computers! You are a good person and for that I salute you. Best of luck cooking hinese next week. *Bop*

Katie Fraser said...

LOL! Love the story about the theif on the tube! The man should have kept the laptop safe I suppose then the theif wouldnt have nearly nicked it!

Anonymous said...

How you get on with Time 106.8fm??Did you get the gig??Hope so cos you too good 4 sw1 radio even though its a pukka station.If you like that MIA "PAPER PLANES" song and you're partial to remixes,try finding a version of it by "Khan Edison"!Its a real "GET OFF YA ASS & START DANCING" remix.It works everytime at all my gigs & they love it!Have a Goodn on Sundays show.JOEY.

Leanne Diggins said...

All good I think Joey! I start on sunday - -but I also want to keep doing SW1 as its such a laugh. So sundays will be a "radio day" for me. Thanks for the nice comments!! Will check out the tune.