Monday, 17 November 2008

I said to the man are you trying to tempt me?

Oh my GOD, I actually love it here. I'm trying to work out how I can live here for about a year or maybe six months. Lauren helpfully pointed out, I have no ties back home...(she means I haven't got a boyfriend). I tactfully mentioned I have a mortgage, a job and family and friends (in no particular order).... So how can I do it? I need to get a trade so I can bring something to the table of Oz.

Anyway, as you can prolly tell I really am loving it here. Today we flew into Sydney and have just had a marvellous dinner down at the harbour overlooking the bridge and the Opera house.
The thing about Australia is everyones so laid back and friendly and the things I've been getting my knickers in a twist back home seem so insignificant now. It's like Who Cares? Stuff thats kept me tossing and turning all night worrying my arse off has just become so minor now. It really is a wonderful feeling, I feel free.

Have I mentioned the men here that are hunks of spunks? They are blooming gorgeous and I canna work out if its just cause they've got tans and are all muscly and tall or whether they're..... Fuck man they're gorgeous.

The other night me and a girl I met out here called Leanne (good name) went out dancing in Adlelaide to a place called The Elephant or something.

Anyway, there was a live band there called "Pash" (HAHAHAHA) and they played all the classics, like "500 Miles" by the Proclaimers. But as the night went on, much like in the UK the crowd became more raucous. And with more beer came more beer being spilt over Leanne (2) and me laughing lots. Also someone kept doing the most evil farts ever. Every now and then either Leanne or me would have this look on our faces of disgust as the stench wafted up our noses until it came to a point where she did the "stink face" again and I'd just swallowed a swig of Gin and Tonic and her face made me crack up laughing, and I accidently sprayed Leanne with spit and gin in her face. How we (I) laughed. After this place became just ridiculous we moved onto an irish pub on East Terrace where there was another, cooler band. They were doing a cover by the Killers when all of a sudden an old man from the audience went up on the stage with them and started to tootle along on his descant recorder. We thought he was part of the band until a burly bouncer went up and dragged him off the stage exclaiming "if you get up on stage again, your out". What the fuck? Ah poor man, he just wanted to join in. We laughed at that too though.

Oh its simply grand here. I heard someone shout "rack off" the other day and he meant it. Life doesn't get much better than this folks, it really doesn't.

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