Tuesday, 1 September 2009

And God knows......you got me sewn.

So a bit of a whirlwind this last few days. I still don't have a job which is a BUMMER severely, however other good stuff's been happening of which I shall enlighten you in due course.

Work wise I've been asked to do the voiceover for the TMF Awards again. I did it last year and it was wicked. Mental infact. So tomorrow I'm Eurostar bound for Belgium to get recording in the VO booth. I'm the voice that booms over the stadium "Best new act international.... And the nominees are.... Jonas Brothers!" etc. Really looking forward to it and its a complete honour to be asked back. YEAH.

In other news, it turns out that I've met this man. This man, is infact THE man. Or so it would seem. Sorry lads but I'm now officially listed as "In a relationship" on FB (hahaha). He's wonderful, tickage of boxage is the deal here so life is sweet. And the mental thing is, it appears the feeling is mutual.
On a serious note, for me this is great news. After a turbulent time with men (where they haven't been especially nice to me, bordering on down right horrid) where infact I can honestly say I had lost my way, this one seems the opposite. It's a wonderful feeling and something I've been waiting for, for a long time. Ahhhhh...

Anyway, so this weekend I went to Dublin for the weekend with my mate Katy. It was WICKED. We did not stop laughing from start to finish. I met up with my mate Rob who I met in Australia last year. We spent a night in Sydney getting thrown out of pubs and casino's for around 12 hours. Happy days. To this day neither of us can confirm why this happened but it could well have been because of the alcohol we consumed. Dublin was very very expensive like double London prices but most were friendly. Other than the women. HA! The evils we got were very amusing. We could take the barging us out of the way for most of the night but after a while our London patience was wearing thin. We saw a band called "The Joshua Tree" which was obviously a tribute band to U2. Bono pulled me up on stage and I swayed around with him for a while like a dick head groupie. The girls didn't like that one. HAHA. Stupid knobs.

Rob took us to this wine bar which was in a seedy downstairs basement. It was so 80's. But it wasn't supposed to be 80's I don't think. It wasn't like Reflex night club or anything like that, it was actually like something out of "The Young Doctors" or it could have belonged to Wilmot Brown of Eastenders fame. Anyway this bloke came up to me and started to chat me up and when I saw it going in that direction I proudly exclamed that "I have a boyfriend". To which he said "Ok, just give me a little kiss." And gestured to his cheek. So I thought "you cheeky fucker". And went to him totally deadpan "Soz, can't. I've got a rash". (I was trying to think of impetigo but instead settled for simply "A rash") SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTH. Still, it worked. He looked startled for a moment and then set his face to cool and sloped off.

We watched X Factor saturday for a couple of hours before going out on Saturday (Rock and Roll) and I loved loved loved the girl band "The Stunners" HAAHAAAA. Sorry but one was cross eyed. SURELY someone kind could have given them a gentle nudge "Mate, your eyes stare off in different directions" but no. That Danyl from last week was SUPER COOL. Total natural charisma WIN DANYL WIN!!!

Anyway, I'll leave you with some Dublin photos of us in the Wilmot Brown bar. Until next time.

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