Friday, 21 August 2009

And they covered up the sun until the birds had flown away....And the fishes in the sea had gone to sleep.

My friend and I were just chatting about people that say things to you, which are about as subtle as a sledge hammer blow to the head. So for example, I remember the time I fancied this guy and I wanted to find out if he was single. One of my "mates" said she would find out.

Her "Bad news, yeah he's got a girlfriend"
Me "Oh really? Boo that sucks. Oh well NEXT!".
Her "Yeah, he's got a"
Me "Yep, you said. It sucks but that's life."
Her "Yeah..... I think you should know, she's well pretty. Like REALLY pretty. So..."
Me "Oh right, well thanks for letting me know."
Her "Yeah I mean, like REALLY pretty Leanne..."

YES OK I GET THE PICTURE! PRETTIER THAN ME YOU MEAN. But it did make me laugh alot.

I had an incident like this today. I went for a job interview a few weeks back and hadn't heard anything so presumed I hadn't got it. Which, I hadn't. But the lady who took me for my interview called me today and she was really nice and all with telling me the reason why I hadn't got it. And I said "Ah nevermind...thanks anyway." So she goes "Yeah it really was down to that, it was a tough decision, but the other candidate was er.....she was er.... Better." HAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAA

Reminded me again of the time I asked this guy out I liked (I've mentioned it here before.. but I shall repeat cause it makes me laugh)

Me "So you fancy a drink sometime?"
Him " erm....."
Me "Its ok, you can say no...."
Him "No, then."


I've had a really productive day. Starting out at an agency in Leicester Sq which went ok. Then onto meet my mate for a spot of lunch, then shopping for a wedding outfit for sunday. And for some reason it was relatively easy. Although the girl that served me for my shoes had a stammer and I didn't realise and finished her sentences for her three times before it came to light. Oh well, I was only being helpful.

Oh! I forgot to mention Catface Comedy! It was good, although I set the room up for a smaller audience and we got loads of walk ins so everyone was a bit higgledy piggledy. Thanks to all the acts that came down and to the audience (even the pervy one) and Barry Castagnola headliner stormed it. When he went to get off people were shouting COME BACK! Ah that makes me happy.

Tonight I'm going out in Canary Wharf with my girlfriends. We were supposed to be doing this dating night thing where each girl brings a guy they know who's single and then sets him loose to meet his future wife (Well thats my understanding of it anyway) We did something like this a few years ago for the documentary I did. That part of the film wound up on the cutting room floor. We called it "Date a mate, I'll bring the bait." which I happen to think is a great name.

Right come on TESCO DELIVERY! I'm waiting! Wow that was like a status update.

Have a lovely weekend.

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