Friday, 25 September 2009

Her friends are so know how bad girls get.

I've not written in ages, I suppose like a diary there doesn't seem to be much point when one is feeling relatively jolly. Besides, it would be a pretty boring entry saying, "Dear diary, every things peachy keen". But, it's not really. The job thing is getting pretty silly now but I just got a call for an interview for next week for a job I really really want so we shall see eh?

In other news as you can probably guess every thing's going pretty cool with the boy. Of course we've had a couple of very minor issues which seem to involve exes and men and women (on both sides) but where we're both old we are a little more realistic in our discussions and thus have overcome these. I remember as a young puppy I used to fly into jealous rages over exes and other women not thinking for a minute that I may seem a complete and utter psycho. But as age has weathered me these rages remain at a bare minimum. A wise lady once told me "If you clip their wings, they will fly". And this is true. So smile sweetly and say don't worry and you will always win. Unless they're cheating and then FUCK THEM UP GOOD.

Right! I have been overdosing on Jeremy Kyle lately and it's not making me feel any better. Especially as I've watched so many now that I'm onto episodes where they don't have any actual guests and they're looking at past episodes and how they do the DNA tests. Imagine if you went to the Jeremy Kyle show to watch a good old argue and all you get when you arrive is a REVISIT show. GOD. How disappointing. However lets face it, the whole thing is really. Oh Jeremy Kyle you and your shouty mouth. And then it's time for Ricky Lake, Sally Jessy Raphael and Judge Judy. Life doesn't get much better than this.

Something else I've been watching is "What Katy did next". Like most, I am well over the Team Andre/Team Price debacle but this is good telly. The other day her veneer fell out on the way to a book signing and she got drunk at her friend's wedding and made a right knob of herself. Reality TV gold people. Sigh...

I watched Marley and Me last night with my boy and he had assured me I would like it and would cry. But the thing with me is, I hate films where they make you like the dog or robot (Johnny 5 is alive) and then the dog or robot dies. BUT, that Marley dog was REALLY irritating. I didn't like him one bit and was kinda glad when he died. Not really but I didn't cry and my boyfriend annoyingly kept looking at me when there was a sad bit. So I then felt really bad as my eyes were bone dry so I did a few sniffles for effect, again prompting him to whip his head round to look at me. So in the end I just went, "What? I'm not gonna cry." And then the film just ended and I thought "what was the point of that?" I mean, how did it do so well. Here's a good idea for a film, its about a dog and a perfect family. What a classic.

It was my birthday this week on wednesday and I turned 31. That day, I did lots of job search to keep myself occupied and was immediately reminded of my age change when I had to tick categories on some of the job applications because it seems, I'm now in the 31-35 category. This displeased me greatly.

Ha Jeremy Kyle just shouted at a guest "Well if you KNEW you could get someone pregnant why didn't you put something on the end of it!" And now I have Beyonce's "If you like her then why don't you put a ring on it" classic in my head, but using Jeremy's lyrics. I hope it goes soon.
Oh god now he's just said "Make sure you DO put something on the end of it!"

Tonight I have my birthday drinks which I'm greatly looking forward to and then I have a good friend's wedding to go to tomorrow so it should be a jolly weekend. Sorry this blog is patchy, I'll get back on it next week.

Till next time.

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