Tuesday, 18 August 2009

We go where the wild blood flows and on our bodies we share the same scars....

Ah a bit of sunshine today although I've not been outside, I just did looking through my big windows. No, instead I've spent most of the morning making friends with recruitment agencies and applying for jobs. My job search is at a very exciting stage..... not exciting, depressing.

Anyway, enough about that. Now, where did we get up to? Oh yes, Edinburgh. So the day I last blogged I was feeling rough. We were going out that night for Michael's birthday to Brookes Bar which for those of you not in the know, is a members only bar in the Pleasance Dome. It's not my favourite bar if I'm honest, it reminds me of Butlins... 'cept some of the people are more head fucky in Brooke's than actual Redcoats themselves.

Anyway before we went out, Johnny and I got caught up with Big Brother (even though I never watch it usually) and then accidentally carried on watching the classic Jean Claude Van Dam film "Kick Boxer". It was GREAT. And SHIT. Before we knew it half the film had flown by and Johnny and I were chanting "Montage! Montage! Show us the montage of Jean getting fit!" And then it was nearly half eleven (I know! That's past my bedtime ) and we headed out to Brookes. We passed lots of drunk youths on the way and I hadn't had anything to drink at all so felt a little intimidated. But Johnny who'd necked the best part of a bottle of red with his two steaks, marched straight through them (not actually through them, he's not magic) all hard like. It was ace. Then we got to the bar and I saw some of the people I'd made a dick of myself in front of the night before and did my best to seem normal. It may or may not have worked but hey ho, the world keeps turning and that's how I cope.

It was a really nice night, I caught up with lots of cool people who I only ever see in Edinburgh usually and it was nice. We left at a respectable 3:30am and shortly after Michael came back to the flat. He told me of his incident in Brookes that night with the fighty boys, he acted it out and everything. See his blog for further details, his link is to the right of this page. He's a nice man.

The next day despite the fact that I'd only drank 4 pints the night before, I felt really sick, I had watery mouth and everything. I'd agreed to help Caroline flyer for her show so headed to her venue with my suitcase in tow. It was a great show, I really, really enjoyed it. You should definitely go and see it, its on at the Grassmarket at the Beehive at 1:30pm. After the show I had a drink of lime and soda with Caroline and her lovely Ma and Pa and then headed off to the station for my journey home. Unfortunately the train was packed out and this annoying kid kept doing that thing where everything's "Why is the sky blue?" "because its sunny" "But WHY is the sky blue?" and so on. We passed my favourite coastal town, Berwick upon Tweed. I will go there one day.

The next day I was heading off on a road trip "ROAD TRIP!" with my dad. Firstly to the town of Brackley, where I lived for a few years as a small girl. We moved there after I was born and I developed a country accent. On the assorted conversations tape my mum and dad recorded of me and my sister I actually sound like Pam Ayres. After which we went to visit my mum and dad's friends Kath and Don. They'd not seen me since I was seven. My, how I'd grown. (They're lovely and gave me cake.) Then it was down to Somerset to stay with my mum and dad's other friends. It was a nice couple of days, the couple in Dorset grow all their own crops just like in the goodlife except they're no Tom and Barbara and they gave me a hamper of delicious produce. Good! Because my skin has turned all teenage acne-ness because of the late nights and alcohol. I got home and went straight out to a party on my complex (because I never learn). I got pretty drunk and then headed to a Pirate Party hosted by my friend Matt and his housemate Ami. It was good from what I can remember. I saw Caroline Cliff and she looked beautiful. I don't know what she'd done but she looked really cool. I was drunk granted but I thought she looked great. ( I suspect I told her that as well.)

Sunday Sophie came over to rehearse for Catface Comedy and afterwards Louisa came over for some Duck L'orange action. It was yummy but we drank LOADS of red wine. Then yesterday my friend Trisha called me and I met her for some lunch in Blackheath. I started to feel guilty that I've been out constantly for the last two weeks so this week I intend to stay in and focus on job search stuff. Boring as it is, but a necessity if I wish to keep my home.

TOMORROW its Catface Comedy and there's a cracking line up. Steve Williams to open and acts including Jane Bostock, Christina Martin, Amphlett and Candy, Alyssa Kyria and Barry Castagnola headlining. You know you want to get involved and you can do this by coming along. Go to events on http://www.thebetsey.com/ and all will be revealed. COME COME COME!

K bye.

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