Thursday, 30 July 2009

And damn right, it's better than yours.....

The sunsets of late have been RIDICK. I actually feel happy when looking at them, what's that all about. Just so you know, my view is overlooking south east London. The Gherkin, the er...gherkin ad other buildings. I can see Canary Wharf very well too. But, BUT! The main thing I love is the sun, the clouds and its crazy colours, makes me quite glad to be here make no mistake.

Now, onto other stuff. So I have continued my search on the dating site. I've had lots of emails believe it or not but one was from someone I knew. He wrote DIGGINS! And I was like SHIT!! And he was like, don't worry, I just wanted to say Hi. He told me he was just looking for sex. LIKE 40 % of men on there are doing. I spoke to my friend who is also on there and warned her of this and we've agreed to just have sex with men we don't like. That's what I normally do anyway.

One man said to me "I like face, it pretty."

What a stud. Let's get married.

I had a dream last night that I'd arranged a wedding with a guy and all my friends were there for this "marriage". And it was on the news as a marriage of convenience. He started out as being aright FUGLY and then I woke up, because my nephew was jabbering away in his cot....

THEN I went back to sleep and unusually went back into my dream and the man turned into a fit Irish man. Then it was on the news and we were walking up the aisle to me singing "Not Fair" by Lily Allen, badly. When the wedding was over I remember thinking "I don't even know my husband's phone number". I think its a taste of things to come.

I went to my sister's this weekend and we had a good time. I went there on the National Express and had a nice old lady sitting next to me who helped me STAB open my new earphones with her nail file.

My sis and I laughed alot as I told her of my recent nobbish-ness, ie: waking up and wondering where I was. We likened it to the time I had rudes with this guy who looked like "Pen" out of "Pen and Tellar"....At the time I swore you should never judge a book by its cover. BLOODY HELL. Ive got issues. He was U.G.L.Y

Any hoo till next time.

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