Monday, 20 July 2009

I don't have alot of money but we'll be fine.

So, I'm in an Internet cafe and the man that runs it is hacking up phlegm every five minutes. Disgusting. I haven't even got any music with me to drown out the noise, so will keep this blog brief.

Catface Comedy last week was bloody great. My mum and dad came and this made me exceptionally nervous but they seemed to enjoy it. (Especially when Johnny Candon decided to single them out and ask them lots of questions during his set). Thank you to Paul Foot, Josie Long, Johnny Candon, the Catface Comedy Erotic dancers and of course Louisa. Great show, great team. The next show is booked for the 19th August, Barry Castagnola is headlining. YAY! I'm still booking a couple of my other acts, but Christina Martin and Jane Bostock are on this line up as well.

On thursday night I went to this quiz night thing hosted by a company called GOLD. Tim Vine was the quiz master and Chortle were invited along to join in and I was on their team. The team consisted of Steve Bennett and 5 females, we had a great laugh - I actually did rather well, up until I became too drunk to speak - so that's good isn't it. I wowed the Chortle team with my knowledge of British seaside towns and also where Muriel (from Muriel's wedding) is from (Porpoise Spit). We came sixth but we beat The Times, and the Radio Times as well so we were happy. Or were we just drunk? I think probably just very, very drunk.

The next day I came to on my sofa with confusing thoughts (how did I get here? etc) but had to dash these from my mind, as I had a day booked in the studio to do a voice over showreel edit. I managed to battle through the hangover as we whittled 57 minutes of voice over and radio footage down to a neat 5 minutes. I got the masters for this today and intend to carpet bomb every voice-over agency and radio station in the entire world.

I was supposed to go to Madrid tomorrow but I've just come to book the flights and they're either non existent or ridiculously expensive. The thing is, I've got my euros and I want to go SOMEWHERE but where? The world's my oyster but its not really, is it. How about the Isle of Wight? I love it there.

Anyway - better do some more flight search-age.

Till next time - hope you're all good.

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