Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The world is spinnin' endlessly, we're clinging to our own beliefs (born of frustration, born of frustration)

Here come the Olympics!  (And don't I know it.)

I'm based in Greenwich (sorry, that's ROYAL Greenwich to you) and it's pandemonium!  (What a great word that is) 
Bo Jo (our mayor) has recorded a load of announcements which are played at regular intervals at train stations in London.  "This is your MAYOR SPEAKING! The games are on their way and public transport is going to become increasingly busy so DON'T GET CAUGHT OUT!" Wow that last bit makes me jump every time. Also, it's weird to have someone say, "This is your mayor speaking"  Makes me feel like I live somewhere like Gotham City where the mayor really is in charge.  Well, Batman is, but you know what I mean.

But yes, it's just around the corner and it's rather exciting.  Although, I am genuinely dreading the commute into work. We've been told that we can work flexible hours which for me is a must. All of my routes into town are f*cked. (Recognised as HOTSPOTS to the Londoner in the know.)  Today I got the train in at 7:20am - this was the sight at Bank underground station.  Needless to say I shall be avoiding this from now on.
Granted it's rather blurred but I was in a mosh pit so that's as good as it gets.

So I thought we'd try to get away from the Olympics by heading down to Dorset for a couple of weekends during this period.  We're going to our friend's cottage for one weekend and then to see my sister in Bournemouth on another one.  BUT I hear that the Olympics are also going to be in Dorset!  Boats or something?  In Weymouth.  (which I thought was called Waynemouth - haha I actually googled that).  My boss  said to me, going down to Dorset in the Olympics, are you wise? Hahaha.  No, I'm not wise - I'm not wise at all. 

The good thing about Dorset is that there's a Farmers market at Bridgeport (I think that's what its called) where they do pork-pies and all that stuff - so I shall make sure I am up early to ensure I have my fill.  Also the W.I. bizarre do a mean home made piccalilli which is amazing.  Makes my eyes water but still I go back for more.

As I see all of these "fit" people preparing for the greatest experience of their lives (reminder: Olympics)  it makes me wonder why I am so chunky? (see above - pork pie)  Honestly though, the flab is on the increase. I'm actually at my top fighting weight now.  Not good hey..   So after a day of troughing on Sunday I decided to face facts. I can no longer get away with saying I am curvy.  I'm a chubber and that's a fact. 

So now that these facts are faced I have been to the gym TWICE this week which is a good thing.  I have also quit the wine and beer so that should help somewhat.  That's been two weeks though and not made a difference yet.  I think this is because I have substituted wine for Tangfastics from Haribo.  They're great.

In other news I've been watching quite a bit of Bear Grylls on Discovery.  I do like this show but I can't really get my head around why he puts himself into such scrapes.  I mean, I get he is trying to show us how to survive should we find ourselves in a similar situation etc. But some of the stunts he pulls are just plain unnecessary.  Just the other day he was in a light aircraft flying over some land, when he decided to tie his scarf or something onto the aircraft and scrape to the floor as a means to exit the flight.  Why didn't he just wait for the plane to land and get off with the rest of the camera crew.  It baffles me.  I like it when he eats disgusting stuff though. And when he gets in dead animal's bodies.

Oh yeah I was going to go into a bit more detail about the wedding wasn't I.  Well, I can't be bothered now cos it was ages ago and I'm over it.  Ha.
It's weird when people call me Mrs. Snow as it makes me feel like an old lady - but it also makes me sound wise.... which as mentioned above, I'm not. 

Anyway - I hope you're all really well.  Enjoy the Olympics.  x

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading ur blog Mrs Snow! Have a great time in Dorset. Kate x