Wednesday, 9 May 2012

It's like I told you honey.....Don't make me sad, don't make me cry...

The feeling after you get married I've been told by many, is that of major surrealism.  This is true and also with my hangover, that didn't help.
That following day (after the wedding) we went for a meal in Blackheath which was gorgeous. We ate a full platter of steak and more champagne.  Which actually, I don't really like.  Champagne I mean.  I like prosecco. 
Oh well that's neither here nor there.  The next day (the sunday) we were heading off to Australia. 

For four years (since last going) I have dreamt of Australia intermittently.  I loved it last time and was so keen for Warren to see it too. This would be our only chance.  So we booked a lovely trip which included, Singapore, Adelaide, Brisbane, Byron Bay and Sydney.  There, that oughta do it.

We headed off to Singapore on the Sunday evening from Heathrow on a Qantas flight.  The duration of this journey was 12 and a half hours.  Christ - very depressing. Luckily there was 'nuff in flight entertainment.  Plus, wine.  That's the beauty of long haul flights.  Free wine.  As we were on a night flight I decided that if I drank x3 187ml bottles of Shiraz that would see me a kip for a good three hours.  But unfortunately this was not to be.  I ended up being the ONLY one awake - well that's how it felt.  I was very jealous of all those peacefully drifting about in Dreamland whilst I re-watched Louis Theroux's weird weekends. (Once you've seen the first 5 mins, you get the jist.  But more on Louis later) 
I think I MAY have nodded off but who knows, the whole thing was a bit of a blur.

When we arrived in sweltering Singapore we had a car picking us up. We looked like we'd been on a sweaty safari and felt extremely grubby getting into the posh Jaguar with suited chauffeur and smooooth jaaaaazzzz playing throughout the journey back to the hotel.  We decided to get a nice hotel for this part of the 'moon, the Shang-ri La beach resort with fantastic suite and panoramic room.  (you can sit in the bath and see EVERYTHING).   The first night we decided to head straight for the bar within the hotel complex and not bother to get dressed up.  So I whipped off my anti-deep vein thrombosis socks and we headed out. (Glam times).

I think the jet lag effected me more than I realised as before I knew it I was rather drunk and mistaking another bar go-er for the waitress and asking her to go and get me an ashtray.  Embarrassing. Bit like when people go into a shop and ask a fellow customer for help mistaking them for a sales assistant.

Eventually we fell asleep but were soon wide awake again at 5am where upon we were STARVING hungry and decided to get room service.  A burger and chips each. (glam)  When this came, it was just like in the movies where they bring it up on a trolley and this magically turns into a table.  As you can see I am easily pleased.

The rest of our time in Singapore was lovely and relaxing.  Unfortunately on my wedding day I was rather over enthusiastic on the dance floor and managed to re-hurt my ankle, so much of Singapore was spent limping about.  We managed to see Anne and John for one evening, they took us to a gorgeous Asian restaurant which was amazing.  Very kind of them it was too.  Warren and I ended up staying out that night and getting DWUNK and running in a fountain (this was to be a theme it turns out).

After two full days and night's of relaxation it was time to head off to Adelaide.  I was SO excited and it was just 7 short hours away.... 

To be continued....

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