Friday, 13 August 2010

So jump in the river and learn to swim...

Life's pretty cool at the moment.
The wedding venue has been confirmed. I KNOW. I must admit that when the lady was showing around myself, the boy and Ma and Pa, I started to feel a bit anxious. Especially when “Vikki” kept saying “the Bride will walk down the red carpet”and “bride enters this way.” And she kept gesturing to me. ME. I’m going to be a BRIDE. Bloody 'ell Barbara, I’m too young. No I’m not – I’m too old.

We got the contract through the other day and it said “Information about the Diggins and Snow wedding.” (thats his surname – Snow, or as I like to say Snow Puppy, he loves it). Any hoo its happening, its booked and now we have to save like mad.

I bought a bride magazine the other day and it was WELL BORING. It was just like Marie Claire - the WORST magazine in the world. It offered me hardly any guidance and in general made me cringe. Also really weird ideas for decorations for the tables. Spray a pear white. OK. Yeah cos that's gonna happen.

Now anyone who knows me, knows full well that I don’t care about all that decoration stuff (cos I can't do it). In fact an exert from one of my emails to my chief bridesmaid had on the list mainly “unsures” and on the fourth point down:

· ......Invitations –
· Reception Decorations – Not sure
· Table decorations – Not sure
· Little bits and bobs like bubbles and all that crap

So you see – it’s really not my area and I didn’t even realise I’d written that until she replied “Haha I like this… “Little bits and bobs like bubbles and all that crap” Anyway – I’m still excited, just not about decorations. And all that FAVOURS stuff. Why are they called favours? Here’s a favour. It’s sweets. Eh?

Right what else? The other day I saw a poster for the new Karate Kid film starring Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith. And I’m not being funny but he looks about 8 yrs old and has spindly baby arms. How can anyone take him seriously? At least that one from the 80’s had muscles, it’s just his balls hadn’t dropped. He was about 28 wasn’t he? The actor who plays the “kid” what was his name? Can't be arsed to even google it. I used to WELL fancy him. And of course it was Elizabeth Shue who was his love interest. Where’s Ms Shue now then eh? Ha that’ll teach you to take too many leading 80’s ladies roles. Greedy.

We got to the end of the Soprano's box set the other day. I'd seen a few of the episodes when it was on telly but we decided to marathon it from start to finish. It took about 3 months with an episode a night usually. Oh my god. The final episode! ITS A-MAZING. You must watch it. (And then google what the ending means - all the symbols and signs.) Very clever indeed.

Now we've started on the Wire box set. We've watched one so far but I miss Tony Soprano and Paulie. I'll get into it soon enough. What's better The Wire? or The Sopranos?

I suppose I can say now.....I've had some good news. I've got a new permanent job working at Comedy Central as of the end of this month. WOOOOOOH!!! I'll miss the department I'm in at MTV of course - everyone's very cool but this is a great opportunity so I'm grabbing it with both hands. Happy days.

Anyway I hope you're all very well indeed.

Till next time.

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Anonymous said...

it's funny you say that about Elizabeth Shue I watched a film in with her the other day..she was someone's mum, It was quite recent and now I cannot for life of me remember what it was unhelpful I know but I had to say it..she hasn't aged at all..not since cocktail anyway!! cherylx