Tuesday, 21 December 2010

And why should the world take notice, of one more love that's failed. A love that can never be....

Well this weather's a little bit dominating isn't it. Up to Saturday it hadn't really gotten the better of me but Well! WTF! Suddenly me and my beau were TRAPPED, YES TRAPPED in the car, surrounded by large flakes of snow and crazy drivers desperate to get home. I'm ashamed to say that a tear drop slipped from my eye when I realised the 10 minute drive would take around 2 hours. I nearly had to don my boy's work boots and get walking. Anyway we got home in the end going via Iceland to pick up an express Xmas dinner in case we find ourselves stranded on his holy-est of days.

This has probably been one of the only December's in a long long time where I haven't been that naughty. Well, I did fall asleep on the train after our work Xmas party but I say that was from being over-tired not because I'd been drinking white wine. Haven't done that for ages (sleeping on the train I mean, not white wine consumption). It was all confusing and then there was this man with a big red face (the DRIVER apparently) explaining I wasn't at Lewisham (my stop of choice) but HAYES no less and the end of the line.

DOH. My boy was none too pleased but agreed to come and pick me up. Haha it was only 11:30pm. What a party animal I am.

In other news I am concerned at how quickly time is going. I became an engaged lady 6 months ago and now 6 months have passed and I still weigh the same (minus 7lbs). But 7lbs isn't that good really in 6 months is it... I dread the thought of putting on a wedding dress and I especially don't want the usual sleeveless boob tube thing with flowing skirt. I want sleeves but that will make me look all frumpy. SIGH. Can't I just buy a nice dress from Monsoon and be done with it? But it won't be in keeping with the wedding (a very glamorous affair) and I must fit into my own wedding. I have a real problem with White as well. I own NOTHING in white 'cept a T-shirt nightie which is more on the yellowy side now. Ah well. This is probably boring for you to read, same as people talking about their kids. BORINGO!! I shall stop now.

Well the last month has been ok, although I had some very sad news discovering my Uncle Nick died. He was a lovely man, really and truly he was, and I wish he hadn't gone.

Onto other topics. Right now at work they're playing Scrooged and I am trying hard not to watch it as we all know I only watch this on xmas eve, after the Snowman. Last year when we went out to a bar they had it on the screens in there, see? I'm slightly annoyed that they're showing me this WELL before the designated viewing period.

Other than that, not much to report. Oh yeah, I'm giving up smoking on the 2nd January. Blah blah blah.... Etc. And doing not eating all that food and drinking all that drink...and yeah. To be fair, I'm pretty happy. I dread writing something like that incase something goes wrong but....it's how I feel right now and I am pleased to say that I am very lucky indeed. Got myself a good job, a good man and a nice rabbit. (and I don't mean any of that in a Facebook smug way, just feels good s'all).
Wishing you ALL a very Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year no matter what! I hope you are all brilliant.
Until next time.

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