Monday, 18 January 2010

Gotta ask yourself the question 'where are you now?'

SO! I trust you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. Why do I trust? I don't know because normally Christmas and new year are an almighty let down I find. But because mine was ok I trust yours was too. It's easier that way.

January so far has been very irritating indeed. The snow thing particularly has angered me greatly. Me and the rest of the UK apparently, are blumming well annoyed about the lack of salt thing. There doesn't seem to be enough to go around as I understand it. Luckily I just stay in all day and don't leave my flat unless I need food. Which I don't, because I'm on a diet. That's right people I'm STILL sticking to my New Year plan of no smoking (which is going fine) and no eating. Also I've cut out alcohol and have only faltered on this three times this month already which is a world record.

I joined WW (weight watchers to those in the know) online and I'm actually getting on ok with it. I've lost 3lbs so far. I went to a meeting the other day though and I have to say, WHAT A LOAD OF BOLLOCKS. The leader I found was particularly annoying and non motivating. I shall just go to weigh in in future, because I didn't believe her. AND the people in the class were right know it alls. When you join WW though you have to pretend that the points system they use is all NEW to you, so that you pre-empt when you gain weight. EG: "What, alcohol's got points in it?" Its always best to play dumb I find. But all the way through the meeting my inner monologue kept crying out 'you idiots, you think you've found the solution! I'm living proof that this is not the case, having joined weighwatchers 7 times in total" And then here I am back again. BUT something feels different about this time.

I suppose it helps that my boyfriend is all buff and muscular. He proper does weight lifting and looks all bulbous (but not veiny thank god) and me flabbing about like a melting mozzarella is simply not becoming. I went to his gym the other day and I felt all embarrassed huffing and puffing on the cross trainer at the same time as watching Come Dine With Me whilst he buffed around the gym. And when I went up to him and asked to go home because my lips felt all dry I realised that my dark purple face looking pleadingly at him couldn't possibly have been attractive. Oh well it's all about to change and that's that. I even went onto the WW message board online the other day to try and get in with the other people on there but they didn't seem very friendly. They were saying that Hannah Waterman looked too skinny now so I thought I'll add a comment so I wrote "Hannah Waterman -body off Baywatch, face off Crimewatch" and no one replied.

Fat cows.

Anyway - what else? Oh yeah. Where I've not been blogging recently I've had a few spam comments from someone that goes "I love your blog, thanks for talking about that information, here is a link" and there's a link to like something completely irrelevant. Like football. I daren't click on it in case its a nasty virus. I NEARLY fell for one of those spam emails today as well. I've been doing the lottery again lately and I had an email from CAMELOT saying I'd won 1.2 million pounds and it was in my junk mail and I thought... I wonder if I have? So I checked my ticket and I hadn't - it was another scam. It wasn't as obvious as the usual ones though "Can you put this money in your account please? 200 grand and then I will give you most of it." YEAH RIGHT you NOB.

In other more significant news the earthquake in Haiti. I was involved in a great collection for this on saturday. The buskers in Covent Garden gave up an hour of their time to come together to do a special performance in aid of this and I went along to collect for them in the crowds. People were so generous, I was getting 10 and 20 pound notes at times. I think I got £200 ish in my bucket and in total we raised over two grand which is great (in association with Oxfam) so I'm hoping that these awful disturbing pictures I'm seeing on telly (right now actually on the Channel 4 news) will start to turn a bit less awful.

And finally, Catface Comedy is BACK on the 10th Feb for a special valentine's day special. Even cupid's going to be there completely BARE so you should totally come along. It's on at the Betsey Trotwood in Clerkenwell. YEAH!

Until next time...

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